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My new Kimber Longmaster Classic

Rifle finally arrived, very happy about it. It's a 308win, stainless steel
fluted barrel, heavy sporter contour, match grade chamber, walnut
stock, glass bedded action. That's all I want for my hunting and target
Kimber claim a sub-MOA guarantee, and I yet have to prove it.
Completely clean the barrel, and tune down the trigger pull to 2.5 lb.
(was 3.8 lb when it first arrived) Kimber did an excellent bedding work
after I loose the action screws and inspected their bedding work. I am
waiting for the picatinny rail from Talley to arrive next week and will go
to range to break in the barrel and develop my load. The only thing I
am not feeling excited is Kimber's bolt. Compared to CZ/Tikka rifle,
Kimber's Mauser type bolt seems much slimmer. Not sure what you
guys' rifle bolt look like.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee!

I think that's a rifle I would buy and I don't need it to hunt with.

Let's see some pics of the rifle.
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Welcome to KT, from Northeast, Pa.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois kaiwang188.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois. Post a pic of the Long Master if you get a chance. I know the few Kimber rifles I've been around, the bolt does seem a bit lighter, but I also suspect that's a bit of how they keep overall weight down.
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Welcome to the forum from Southeastern Wisconsin! I would like to see some pics of that rifle too if ya get a chance.
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Welcome to KT.

I don't own any Kimber rifles, but one of their promotion, selling points is being light weight. I wonder if that is why the bolt is slimmer? IDK
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Welcome and keep us updated on your break-in project.
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Old 03-10-2017, 10:00 PM   #9
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Take rifle to range first time this Tuesday. Some people believe in barrel break in, and some don't. My thought is, since it doesn't hurt, I would just spend some time to do it as well. Will follow some procedures I found on youtube, shoot one, clean one for 10 rounds, then shoot two and clean for the next 10 rounds, shoot 3 and clean for the next 15 rounds, etc. I can develop my load and zero scope at the same time.
Start my load from 42.5 gr IMR4064 with 165 Sierra Game King bullet. I was really amazed at how the rifle shoot. The first shot was right on elevation settings, and shot to the right about 5 inches at 100 yard. The next shoot was 1 inch to the right and up of the bull's eye. That's it! The next 3 shots gave me a 0.74 MOA group!
My question here is Kimber seems gain extra 80-100 fps muzzle velocity compared to my CZ 550 Lux. I am using same load, same bullet, barrel length are pretty close, and I am using same chronograph. At 42.5 gr, my Kimber has a velocity of 2710 fps, which I usually obtain on my CZ550 at 44.5 gr.
Then this follows my second question: even at 42.5 gr charge, seems it's a bit
over pressure as for some rounds I felt hard to open the bolt. When I looked at the primer, it didn't show signs of over-pressure. But if I wait a few more
minutes after shoot I had no problem to open the bolt. I am not sure if
you guys have the same problem.
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Test picture upload
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Kimber IMG_0982.JPG (3.51 MB, 30 views)

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