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kimber 84 vs model 70

hi out kid on the block here.....going to buy either a new 84 in 257 roberts or 1940's winchester model 70 in same cal....this being a kimber forum i may get somewhat biased opinions but i value them all...any opinions or comments????...kimber made a few 84's in aaa wood 3 or so years ago and i can get one for around $1600...the 70 is a little over $2000....the kimber is available at wards in MT but they only sell on the internet at a place called guns american...anyone have any experience or opinion??? THANKS!! IN ADVANCE

dale, ann arbor, mi
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My opinion is this. What do you plan to use the gun for? If you intend to hunt with it, target shoot, whatever, then go with the new gun. If you intend to keep it as a wall piece, taking it out to put a few rounds through it now and again, make sure the Winchester is a grade A example at that price.
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Like pbsdaddy said, it would have to be a mighty fine specimen of a Winchester. I owned a post 64 model 70 and it was just a gun. I used a friends Pre 64 one fall and it was a decent gun. I bought a Kimber 84L in 30-06 last fall and I'm really impressed with it.
Have you had a kimber in your hands yet? The first time I shouldered one I knew it was only a matter of time.
I got to thinking about a Kimber and was real close to trying to find one then started reading up on them online. Some folks had bad things to say and it dang near steered me in another direction. Then I ran into a couple of guys I know (one is a gun store owner and the other a part time gunsmith) who both told me not to listen to the negative online stuff.
The gunsmith has 2 84's of his own and loves them.
I stumbled onto a hand load early in my experimenting that puts 5 shots pretty much into one big hole at 100yds. I didn't experiment much beyond that.
One negative I did run across online was that some had feeding trouble. Mine is a wee bit finicky that way.
If you're a hand loader and you're of the mind that a bullet needs to be seated real close to the lands you might be disappointed. My '06 won't eject a loaded cartridge much over 3.30 long. I'd have to dig through my notes to find the measurement but I made a dummy round to just shy of touching the lands and had a booger of a time getting it out of the gun.
Doesn't bother me any though 'cause the ones I'm loading at 3.30 long work just fine.
My hunting buddy will grab that 84L every chance he gets to shoot a coyote or whatever and every time he has it in his hands he has to stop to admire it and say "man, that's a nice gun"!
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Thanks for posting here informationů I have searched from this site.. It is amazing..
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This information provided by you is very constructive for correct planning. I like your work for providing information to the other.

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