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15 Day Auction Finally Ended

Auction had several bidders but I had $40 bucks remaining before my max bid would have been compromised. It was raining today and not happy with the pics I made, I'll make some more tomorrow.
Kimber MFG. Yonkers NY Model 84M Varmint Stainless Fluted Barrel in caliber 204 Ruger.

Rifle was listed as used but I can't find a single mark or blemish even a small one anyplace on the rifle, inside the action looks unfired, bore light needs a battery but I bet it's perfect as well. Included with the 84M was a Leupold 6x18 VariX II scope, also clear optics with no visible marks.
Rifle looked good, I liked it, so I placed a bid.
You may be asking yourself what the heck am I going to shoot with it? Very good question, my buddy Rick way out yonder in Oregun uses one like it for prairie dogs, helps the ranchers. No p'dogs around here, lot of rats at the land fill but you can barely get in there to dump trash so I guess that's out of the question.
I guess my main guy Phil and I will find some stuff to shoot at the outdoor range even if it's just paper plate targets.
But first must buy ammo, new caliber to me.
Get your shoulder warmed up Phil we got work to do.
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Very nice Arland!!
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Sweet. I much prefer a walnut stock over the newer synthetic ones.
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Looks like a 300yd workout is in order.
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Congratulations, nice looking rifle.
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Nice score Arland you got both a great rifle and scope.
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Tee hee hee! Arland wins again!!
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Great looking weapon, congrats.
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Now I'm looking at rifles....
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Nice rig! I was looking at a lightly used one at the local GS recently. He's trying to get $1200 for it which I thought was a bit high.

I have a 204 in a Browning A-Bolt that is very accurate with a medium heavy barrel, but that Kimber seems to balance nicely when held off hand.

My 204 is really just a range toy as any varmint hunting I do is usually with a light bullet load in a 243, but that Kimber has me thinking again. Guess I shouldn't have held it.

Will you be hand loading for it?
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