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6.5 Creed vs 7mm-08

Please understand, I'm not trying to stir the pot - but why such a craze about the 6.5 Creedmore? I target PA whitetails and hope to take another SD mulie - my 7mm-08 serving incredibly well. IF, I choose to load heavier than 140's or 150's I can comfortably take larger game- within appropriate distances keeping an eye on ft/pds of energy at point of impact distances. I recently purchased the Hunter in the Boot Campaign model (7mm-08) and will marry it with a Swarovski Z5 ballistic turret with 44mm objective. This rifle and caliber will serve me quite comfortably in PA and westward for mulies, lopes, and maybe even an elk. There's plenty of head-to-head comparison studies with the short action 7mm-08 still standing strong.
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First of all, welcome to the forum from the high desert of central Orygun.

Second, the craze with the 6.5CM is basically a result of the high BC bullets available for the suitable weight range in the 6.5mm bore. So it has endeared itself to the LR crowd with beaucoup high BC loadings.

BUT....the 7mm bore size shines with an amazing variety of bullet shapes, weights and styles, with high BC's also. I shoot elk with my .338-06 Ackley, mulies with my .270 Win, lopes and sometimes deer with my 7mm-08 Ackley. The 7-08 makes no excuses in the game fields, and in the improved version, even more so.

Mine will launch a 7mm 120gr NBT at a chrono'd 3,400 fps, and any 140gr at 3,100 fps from a short action.

For your purposes, load up Barnes 120 or 140gr Tipped-X bullets for anything from whitetails to branch antler bulls. Mine tore through a 5pt bull at 220 yards with a Barnes 120 TSX with complete penetration over a load of Varget. You don't need a 6.5CM if you've got a nice 7-08!
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