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My New Solo DC...shaky at best!

Well, I finally did it. I bought a Kimber Solo DC. Even after all of the warnings, negative forums, and bad vibes. Something about this little gun just called to me.
I love the way it handles overall and its size is perfect for concealed carry. Wait for it...BUT...
I have been less than impressed with its overall performance to date.

My main issues are...
1. The Solo seems to work "too hard" to accomplish anything. I know the tolerances are tight but everything seems to work hard, like it is working against itself. Just chambering a round seems difficult. My Sig 938 is just plain smooth, at everything, even my $199 Taurus G-2 is smoother. I didn't notice this at the shop, not until rounds were cycled. I have about 200 rounds through it now and it hasn't improved at all.

2. I have yet to find a hollow point round that doesn't occasionally hang up on the feed ramp. The angle of the rounds coming out of the magazine defy natural physics. Not to mention I can only load 5 rounds...forget getting that number 6 in! Maybe, if I hold my mouth right I can get 10 rounds in the other magazine but usually only 8 or 9. Oh yeah...and constantly insure that all of the rounds haven't shifted forward...must be pushed back or instant FTF.

3. The black "Kim-Pro" finish on the frame just plain sucks. I really think it was sprayed on out of a can. An $800 gun should be more least finish-wise! I dare anyone to put the slide pin back in while holding that &$#% spring in position and not scratch the frame frustrating!

4. Love the trigger, love the accuracy. Hate the magazines and chambering of a round!

I am really on the fence about just selling this now that I own one. I would not, at this point, ever consider carrying this as my primary weapon.

Should I do a fluff and buff on the feed ramp? It looks rough to me, and the angle begs for friction.

Should I send it back or ???

The only reliable rounds it has fed have been Blazer 124 grain FMJ and believe it or not, Federal 115 Grain FMJ. Absolutely hates 147 Grain Winchester hollow points... And would not even chamber a perfecta round, that all of my other guns feed flawlessly. Remington's worked "okay".
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Originally Posted by Magic Guy View Post
Well, I finally did it.

Should I send it back or ???.
Keep it.
Had a new CDP for two years. NEVER HAD A ISSUE.
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End of subject.
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You should send it back. My son-in-law got his back and it cycles any and everything now.

Mine had gotten to where it would not feed anything past the first round. It is due back from Yonkers in a few days. I don't know yet what is being done to it. Regardless of how it performs when it comes back, I am going to be a bit uncomfortable depending on it.

I did pick up a P938 2 weeks ago that I have fallen in love with. It reminds me so much of my Kimber 1911s that work flawlessly.

I love the look and feel of the Solo.....and it carries so well. We'll see what happens.
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Welcome to the forum from Fla.I am not a Solo owner so I have no advice to offer,however there are many folks here who have had both positive and negative experiences with thier Solo's and I'm sure they will offer valuable advice.Hope it all works out for you.Have a Happy Independence Day!
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I had one that I shot and carried periodically for two years. My observations were the same as yours, except my safety started falling apart twice. After sending it back three times, I no longer own the gun.
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I have a solo and sent it back to Yonkers plus had a Local smith go over it. It runs great and I love it. Yes it is stiff but I love carrying it. I also have a P938 and never carry it. You will love it when the bugs get worked out. My is the STS and I have no problem with the finish.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Magic Guy. I'm not a Solo owner but I am a Kimber owner and I would suggest you send the gun back to the factory. Kimber will stand by their warranty and continue to work on the gun until they get it right. Pull a do it yourself fix or have another gunsmith work on it and you can kiss that warranty goodbye. The decision is yours to make, personally I'd send it back.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.

I don't own a Solo but I would send it back. At least if you decide to sell it you know you're selling someone a gun that works.
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+1 on sending it to Kimber. Mine (DC/LG) came back perfect.

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+2 on sending it back to Kimber...BTW, Welcome to the forum!
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