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Solo vs Sig 938 - funny story

So I'm talking to a total stranger who's telling me he has a Sig 238 and a 938. He does not know I have a Solo. He tells me straight out, "That 938 is the most finicky pistol I've ever owned! It will NOT shoot any JHP, only FMJ!" and "it's the most jam happy gun I've ever owned but it works fine with ball ammo"

I thought that was hilarious being as the Solo has THAT rep and the 938 gets talked up all the time.
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I guess everyone has their favorites and how they operate them.
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Bet that guy works at PSA.
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I'm guessing he hasn't read the manual and is not holding it right.
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Could be the case🤔
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I'd just try another hollowpoint.

When I first got my Kimber UC2, it sucked up Hornady Critical defense, but didn't like the "flying ashtray" design of the new HST.

Now granted, I haven't tried the HST since the pistol was fully broken in, but sometimes some profiles just aren't suited to an individual pistol.
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