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8rd extended mag jam study

as reported in the past, I own 2 of the 8rd mags and never had a jam issue with either of them. Yesterday I decided to shoot up all the 'garbage' ammo I had, namely the 147gr Winchester train and defend, this was the flat nose defend version. Using it, It FTE'd 3 times in 30 rounds. Using Speer, Federal and Aguila - no issues.

Visual inspection tells me the T&D garbage is a little longer than spec ammo. This leads me to believe that all reported errors of 8rd mags are user related - using over spec ammo. When using proper length 124gr ammo, I have yet to have a single error. 115 yes. 147 over spec yes. 124 no.
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I'm of the opinion that the farther you get from Browning's original design, the more issues you'll have.

I believe the problem is "slide timing." There is a window of time, and enough space provided, to where an empty case is extracted and ejected before a spring driven round is allowed to pop up under the extractor and be set into battery by the slide return spring(s).

The pistol was built around these principles. And remember, as barrels got shorter and spring tensions changed, we got more stoppages until designers learned the whole theory all over again.

I believe your bullet weight issue is simple. Imagine a thin man stepping out of your way to let you pass through a door. He does it quickly, and he leaves you ample room. A guy weighing +300 pounds can make the same move, but chances are you have to move slower, or bump him during the switch.

I believe that if one size of cartridge is flawless and another creates double feeds or FTE, then it an issue of slide timing.

Now PPC guys successfully shoot .45 ACP cartridges with two or three grains of Bullseye. Their pistols are also throated for semi-wadcutters and they have very light recoil springs.

My UC2 fed and fired everything during break-in but the HST round. Like all pistols, I think the slide was "dragging" until thorough break-in, several cleanings and the use of the proper amount of lubricants. Now the HST round works fine.
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I have 2 of the older original 8 round magazines, I try them every now and then and they don't work. I bought a 3 pack of the newer ones and they seem to work fine so far with federal hydo shok 135 grn low recoil
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I got one extended 8rd that I guess comes with the Solo when new?
When I looked at it my first thought was WTF? An extended mag on a Solo makes about as much sense as racing slicks on my 4x4 truck.
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it's not the weight of the bullet, it's the length. The 147 WT&D round is physically too long. Like the 150gr HST Micro is a hair longer than a 124gr HST, Gold Dot etc.
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