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a month ago after yonkers had replaced 17 internal parts in my solo for fail to chamber(most), fail to extract completely, loose sight, went to range for ~200 rounds, did real good, no serious problems. a few fail to lock back after last round.

now, yesterday4/19/17 at range for another 200 down range, slide failed to lock back after last round - most of the time, a few stove pipes, one fail to fire,
used 3 color coded magazines, the original magazine had least problems.
was shooting 5 rounds/magazine-mostly.
all types of ammo, from 158gr to 115gr.
mostly(100) 135gr critical duty.
still a wonderful trigger,
S11604xx, born 10/14/14.
i'll call yonkers to see if QC will want to see this orphan again ?

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Hang in there Phil I am sure Kimber will take care of you. I am still waiting to take my newly acquired Solo STS to the range to see how it is going to run. Mine is a used gun but I did not talk to the original owner about how well it functioned. It sure is a nice gun though feels good looks good and when I am through it will run good also,if it doesn't already.

There are a lot of Solo owners on this forum that love them a few that are a little frustrated. We just have to remember man is usually smarter than the machine! We can make it work!

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Silence from the Dynamic Duo ? SMH

Keep sending it back over and over until "you" are happy with it...Eventually the shipping cost will exceed what the gun is worth and maybe they will give you credit for a gun of your choosing in that price range...
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Send it back . It will run right.
Use the recommended ammo.
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Originally Posted by Nellybelle View Post
Send it back . It will run right.
Use the recommended ammo.

There is always someone that doesn't understand Recommended Ammo. 500 plus rounds out of my Solo and no problems all with 147 gr. Bullets.

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You might try this:

Use a high quality lube generously on the slide and frame rails. Same with recoil assembly large spring and sleeve. Same with the end of barrel where it locks up with the slide.

Instead of shooting a grocery list of ammo, try using just one --Fed 124 HST.

You mentioned shooting hundreds of rounds in a shooting session with this gun. While I agree any decent well design handgun should be capable of shooting a couple hundred rounds with zero hiccups, I think generally the Solo is too tight and finicky to reliably shoot dirty. Heck, even Hickok45 couldn't get through that many rounds without a failure in his review of the Solo. If you make it through a box of 50 Fed 124 HST call it a successful day.

I'd also suggest to forget about carrying it and consider it just an addition to the gun safe. Very poor choice for a carry gun if one is looking at reliability as a major concern. Fashion statement... perfect for that.

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