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rethinking my firepower....

some time ago I bitched about the Federal HST Micro 9mm, saying the ballistics were shit and it was a bad idea... but it did/does function the Solo every time. The recoil is drastically reduced, even if the bullet is about 1/2 as effective as the 124 or 147fr versions.

So.... I'm thinking of loading the Micro in the barrel and 124gr regular in the mag. That way the 1st shot if nothing will disable or slow the fight so the follow up double tap will be faster on target...

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I haven't fired that many HSTs in my .45 Kimber. I did have a few hang-ups as the edges of the hollowpoints snagged on the feedramp.

The Critical Defense and the Guard Dogs worked every time, so I stayed with them. Perhaps I should investigate more, myself.
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Tough question and I think no definitive answer because of the people factor. I have decided to carry the 85 DRT in the summer and the Micro HST in the winter with the thinking being, 6 or 7 low recoil on target shots would be more effective than 2 or 3 follow-up shots with 124 that has questionable target hitting ability. Results mostly due to my ability to control recoil of the Solo. I have shot a couple of different Solos over the years and initially the 124 or 147 was quite manageable. As I age and hand strength, arthur, etc, become factors, I have found I can get better results (target hitting wise) with the reduced recoil and for me there is quite a difference.
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I use hydro shok 135 grn. low recoil, shoots very well.
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Everyone likes something different...

I haven't tried this ammo yet but I might look into it. When I carry my Sig P320, 9mm, sub-compact I load it with Liberty Civil Defense ammo.
It's a little controversial, for some, it's loaded with 50 grn FHP (frangible hollow point) , at 2000 fps from a 4" barrel. Very low recoil, low carry weight and blows through Level 3 body amour like cardboard. Runs great so far, no jams, FF or FE. I would try it in any small 9mm. I carry it in my .38 spec. too.

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my fear of "micro" or "low recoil" ammo is we're talking about a VERY small, highly tuned action that isn't as forgiving as a 5" like say a 92 or XD. The failure of pre-qualifying buyers on this stuff is why the Solo is now out of production. Wrong ammo + bad handling = failure.
I agree guys, we all want the most forward damage with the least amount of rear damage. The trade off is dependability. I need to do more testing with the 'micro' stuff, but for t-shirt weather I do believe it will be just fine.
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