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Stuck Mag release help

I'm a new Solo owner as well as member of the forum. I received a little used (100 rounds) Solo. The mag releases operate a little stiff with empty mags in the gun. The problem is when I instal a loaded mag. The release buttons do not budge. If I put some pressure on the foot of the mags then I can release the mag, otherwise they do not yield. Do you all think it's a function of breaking in the mages or something more going on. Thanks for your input.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. I will defer to the Solo owners on this question.
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First welcome to the forum, there is a lot of wisdom on this site. I have 3 solo's, that mag release needs to break in. Put oil on both side and work it alot. As you already found out if you push the mag in it's easier. My first early model is pretty easy now, after around 6years. But they will get easier, my new solo dc is pretty stiff but you just have to work through it. Enjoy your new solo.
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Welcome from another Tennessean....not a Solo owner..all we have is a Kimber Micro 380 plus a few other ones.
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Thanks from Aventorture FL
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Welcome, Traut.

I, for one, like the stiff mag release. I don't mind having to put a bit of pressure on the bottom of the mag to lock it.

On the flip side, maybe I'm a dork but I also use the mag release when inserting a new mag. It seems to slide in place much smoother and hopefully I'm leaving fewer sliding marks on the mag itself.

Anal? Yeah, probably.
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Stiff mag springs, mag release and recoil springs are all normal characteristics of the Solo. Not good traits for a defence weapon. JMHO
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I just recently bought a used Solo STS Carry. I read where the mag release is suppose to be stiff. I load magazines as if I just fired the last round and the the slide is open. I pull the slide back and lock it then I insert a full mag and do the sling shot release of the slide. Loads a round and I then drop the mag and add a round or not. Seems to work just fine. It is a stiff release Kimber talks about it. You will get smoothed out for yourself I am sure!
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Push harder. Mine was the same way. Still stiff but not overly so after I early trip to NY for other problems. Now maybe 600 rounds problem free.
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As others have mentioned, the mag release on the Solos is a bit stiff. However, you should be able to release with loaded magazine in place. I had issues with the release on a used Solo Carry, but it was the opposite of what you are experiencing in that my mags were dropping prematurely without me touching the release.

I would suggest cleaning up and shooting the snot out of it with some premium ammo (as recommended by Kimber), and see if it loosens up some. If not, try disassembling a mag (remove follower and spring), remove the slide, then insert the mag and look down inside the magazine with a flashlight to see how far the release catches are protruding through the catch notch holes in the magazine. They should be sticking out on the inside of the mag just a small amount. If they happen to be protruding out excessively, reassemble the gun and magazine. Load up a mag with rounds (round nose ball ammo) and cycle them (all of them) through, ejecting them on a mat or something similar. You want to look at the last two or three rounds to see if there are any scratch marks (from the mag catch) on the nose of the bullet. If by chance you see some marks that would indicate the mag catch is riding against the rounds in the magazine, then that could be putting pressure back through to the mag release button and making it hard (if not impossible) to release the loaded mag. Also try releasing a mag with just one round in the mag to see if it is easier. If I am remembering right, with just one round, it should be above the mag catch area. This may not even be a possibility, but its the only thing I can think of without having the gun here with me to study and try myself.

Good luck !!! Let us know what you find out.
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