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Big ?

I put a deposit on a new Kimber Solo DC and am a bit nervous seeing that it has been removed from Kimbers Catalog and then investigating it a bit more thru this site and Youtube etc... I'm sure if I talked to my LGS they would use the monies collected for another Kimber (ready to take that plunge) if I asked. I have been using G27 19 and have been very pleased with both, had a G42 but just did not like the 380 format.. I also have a Star 45 from years ago. I have really got more involved and enjoying shooting and the art of it now for about 5yrs and am hooked so I wanted to try something a bit different and a very small platform... I have been looking at Kimbers for awhile in one of the local shops here in Tucson and these guns are works of art, having been an artisan for years they just caught my eye, lol, so I went for it.. I was thinkin the Micro 9 instead but the problem is it's not as small and that's what I dig about the Solo plus the feel and look! I also like striker fire, and man that trigger really got me goin!!! So maybe I bite the bullet here..

Because they are out of production now, am I taking a huge risk? These guns have really gotten a bad rap and now they are not in production, that right there tells me something ain't quite kosher? But I also remember when reading about Glocks before I dug in, some gave them a no no.. But they were not nor ever had been removed from their catalog..

If the product was good and reliable it would not be out of print. IMO..

So help me a little here you pro and semi pro people..

Thanks in Advance

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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. Solo?
Going to reopen a big can of chit with this one. Members here either love them or hate them for the most part. I'm going to give it a 50/50 crap shoot whether you get a great Solo or a crappy, problematic Solo.
Full disclosure I have never owned one...I didn't feel lucky enough to try one.
They were a great size, looked good, but many could not be trusted with your life due to malfunctions.

My best advice would be pick out a nice Micro 9 model you like and probably save yourself some time, ammo, headach.

Every post will have a different opinion.

No longer in production is not always an indicator of a problem or issue but in the Solo's case it is.
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Yes, it's true that Kimber unceremoniously flushed the Solo from their lineup. My guess is that the volume of returns simply made the platform less than worthwhile to continue production.

I have a Solo... bought a like new never fired STS for $400. Figured I could play with it at the range and when I wanted to sell it not lose too much money. I would never ever consider carrying it. No reason to carry a gun with an earned reputation for not working and parts falling off when there are so many others in the category to chose from.

From your 'artisan' perspective of the Solo... I agree with you the Solo is a good looking gun. This guy isn't too fond of the Solo looks but I think mine takes a nice picture.

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I have three, one of the first original ones, a sts that took a year to get, and the dc with laser grips I bought in may. All three are shooters, you have to grip them tightly and shoot premium ammo. Hell all of mine even shoot 115grn which is supposed to be a no no. If you have a problem with one kimber will stand behind it. Quick note, my son who is in law enforcement who regularly shoots glocks had problems at first till he got used to it. Take your time, shoot it, learn it and you shouldn't have any problems. I know others have had problems but im by no means that lucky to have three good ones.
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Originally Posted by Blfinish View Post
that's what I dig about the Solo plus the feel and look! I also like striker fire, and man that trigger really got me goin!!!
Normally, I wouldn't talk about another man's gun or his wife, but you're the one who asked.

You say you like the way your wife... uh, I mean gun... looks and feels. I agree, she looks and feels great.

But you need to ask yourself, do you really want a wife... uh, I mean gun... that refuses to work much of the time? And are you prepared to ship her off to rehab... I mean the Kimber factory... for months at a time while you sit at home hoping she comes back functional?

It's up to you, man.

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If money is no object ,your expectations are not too high and you're just curious; what the heck, go for it. Otherwise, walk away.
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I bought the STS after all the good posts and negative posts. I wanted to know if I could buy one and have it run clean. Plus the price had come down so I chanced it. It is used but in new condition. I put the G10 grips on it and added the magazine finger ext. No malfunctions to report. I do not EDC but this one is at my computer desk. It is within a about 10" from my shooting hand (left) when sitting here whether watching TV or spendind time on the PC. I really like the way the finger ext. works allows for a nice firm grip without a lot of effort.


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I have done a survey on this site for those who own or have owned a Solo.
The result was that eleven Solo owners loved their Solos and two Solo owners hated theirs.
Those two Solo owners who hated theirs are very out spoken in their dislike for the gun and are the two that will post repeated negative comments about the gun so take them with a grain of salt
I am a Solo DC LG owner and it has been flawless right out of the box.
Thing is, if you get the Solo and have any problem with it Kimber will make it right by either correcting the problem or make it right by giving you credit on another gun model.
So, on this Kimber forum, the odds are eleven to two that you will most likely end up loving your Solo DC but if not Kimber will most definitely make it right with you.
In other words, you cannot go wrong with Kimber irreguardless of what model you chose because Kimber will stand behind it.
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Thank you all for the Great responses!!!

You covered just about every area my mind went thru after reading and researching my new love.. LOL, Women can be temperamental and if we're patient and treat them well they usually come around. Guns on the other hand do need to work, so I'll be chiming in and letting you all know how it goes..

And Trex I'll take those odds, I've always been one to go to the edge always knowing when to backup.. So we'll see..

Thanks again.

In the meantime IMG_2560.JPG
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I know I'm a little late with a response, but here are my thoughts anyway;

Back when the Solos first came out, I really liked the looks, size and features. REALLY wanted to buy one, but after doing some research (some of which was on this site), I went with a Sig P938. Then the Micro 9mm came out and I bought one (Stainless Model). Absolutely love it. Put some CT laser grips on it and it has been 100 % out the box. Kept reading about all the Solo issues and came across a used one that I decided to buy and see what all the hoopla was about. From first magazine I shot, it had issues with FTE and the mag dropping out while shooting. Took it down and polished the chamber and that solved the FTE issue right off the bat. Ended up doing some experimenting with the mags and narrowed down what I thought the issue with mag drops was. Called Kimber and purchased a new magazine release assembly (button, spring, etc). Installed it and that Solo has been 100% since then, and I am approaching 300 rnds through it now. Earlier this year, I found a NIB Solo CDP and got a killer deal on it. That one has been 100% out the box and IS one of my carry pistols now.

My only concern now is availability of parts. I have one complete new spring assembly and a set of springs I could change out.
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