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Back to Yonkers...... Again

Returning to Kimber again. This will be my Soloís third trip back to the east coast. This time there is a problem with the firing pin. Today was my second trip to the range since it was returned last March
Last January I made contact with one of Kimberís senior reps. at Shot Show. He arranged to have it returned to Yonkers for the second time. The first time, they cleaned and blessed it, said they could not find a problem after test firing an extensive 18 rounds.As I have posted several times I had problems with failure to feed and failure to eject from day one, April 2013. Since itís return last March I have fired close to 200 rounds.
Today on the third magazine, 15th. round it did not fire, ejected the round and magazine. Loaded a fourth mag, racked the slide, pulled the trigger and again no bang. Looking at the unspent cartridges. Just a small mark on the primer on all.
Back from the the range, called Kimberís customer service department, and after explaining the problem this time I was sent a new RMA withe minutes.
I will have to admit there phone people are great, and give good service with a smile.
On the bright side I now have a little more room in my safe for another month.
Another side note my Sig-Sauer Equinox P938 and P238 has never had a problem, great Gunís!
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See my post to you in another thread. As noted in that response, the striker cannot be completely disassembled without removing roll pins. I asked the customer service rep about Kimber's recommendation for routine cleaning. He told me that if it ever becomes dirty, to send it back to Kimber. That was the end of our conversation, as the guy was clearly a moron and had nothing to say that would benefit me.

You need to clean the striker channel if you want a reliable Solo. Waiting until it fails and then sending it back to Kimber is not a reasonable course of action.
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#SBUBRICK . . .check out some of the posts I put in
on the BOLO SOLO. Put up with Solo for a couple years.
Factory kept claiming, its normal . . .had as many problems
or more than you, it went back twice. Since they said it was normal !
I traded it, and did notify the LGS (box store) that it
has had issues. They said it would be check by their gunsmith.
I said OKAY ! on to a new gun ! ! ! I no longer have a DUD in the safe.
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