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"working post" from new member..?

For some reason, my first attempt at a post, will not open..??
Soooo, looks like I need to try again. Gonna try a shorter version, hopefully this one makes it..

I've heard the call to "wake up"... Here is a new post by a new member...

This last Saturday I did a trade deal for a gently used Solo Carry (two tone). I struggled for a while deciding if I really wanted to get one, after all the "reliability issues", "warnings from former owners", and internet stories. I bit the proverbial bullet and took the chance.
Today I was able to get into the range, and give it a run.... Here comes the "surprise".. *at least to me*.. It ran fantastically..., on 115 grain PMC. I tried to get 147 grain premium ammo, but the range/shop I go to, didn't have any on hand. 124 Red box 9mm LUGER brand (?) was 1 of 2 options available. I also bought 115 PMC, Magtech and Fiocchi.
Of the 4 ammo brands, PMC and Fiocchi were the best performers, and those were 115 grain "cheap-o" boxes. The Magtech ran 2-3 rounds and then fte. The 124 grain ran 1 round, then fte. Clear spent round, try again, and fte. After 4 mags worth, I quit altogether with the 124. So suffice it to say, I was kind of pleased to find out that I can get by with cheaper ammo, in my newest Kimber.
This probably isn't that interesting to learn, but for those that are on the fence about getting the little Kimber, you may get lucky like I did, and get a good runner.. For me, it wasn't a "dollar amount" risk, if things didn't work out. All I really would have lost was a trade pistol that was a bit too big for my hands anyway. Heck, the Solo would have been a great paperweight on my desk, if it turned out to be a problematic piece.

On a side note, this thing is a bit jumpy. I looked at the extended mag that is available for it, but didn't like the look of it. I thought that maybe I could rework a Pearce extension and get it to fit the Solo's mag. I purchased the S&W 380 Bodyguard extension kit, and did some minor fitting. It isn't "factory", but it works for me. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to the range in the next few days, and give it a test run. Here are some pics for the curious...

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Glad you are liking your new Solo.
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I don't know what was wrong with your first post but I couldn't open it either so I deleted it.

Nice report on your Solo.

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Yeah I tried to welcome you to the site last night but after clicking on it twice and both times getting knocked out of Kimber Talk I gave up.

Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Congrats on the Solo, truly good news to hear it is working correctly.
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Welcome to the site. Glad that your enjoying your new Solo. I've had a similar expierence with mine. It devours most FMJ ammo but starts getting finicky with carry/SD ammo. Try and let us know how yours functions with SD ammo when you get a chance. Mine will only shoot 124gr Golden Saber reliably. All other top brand name options gives me at least one or two failure to fully chamber per two magazines.

One thing I did notice was that one I stuck with the factory 6 round magazines rather than the kimber extended mags she started to settle in.
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Glad you are liking your solo. Thank you for your report. We look forward to hearing more from you after your next range visit.

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Thank you ALL for the comments, and to you Chuck43, I appreciate you deleting my first post. I have no idea what happened. Everything typed out okay on the screen, but when I hit "submit new post", it went to a white screen.. I couldn't access the post from my back button or by refreshing the page. It drove me nuts.
To aguila327, my next trip to the range, I definitely want to try some hp's in the Solo. I'm hopeful my "lucky streak" continues with this little Kimber. Wouldn't life be great, if I found some hollow points that ran smoothly..?
I'll keep this post updated.
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Welcome mate. That certainly is a great looking pistol and I'm glad your happy with it, there is nothing like taking a chance and being pleasantly surprised.
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Welcome1% I'm happy to here you like yer solo.i get so tired of people trashing it.mine shoot anything 9mm I mean any brand or weight as far as hollow point I only use federal HST 124+P Winchester ranger T 124 or Speer gold dot 124 in that order I do not buy any Remington !have fun it's a great little pistol
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What MC do you ride with?
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