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Is Anyone Happy?

I recently decided to look for a Solo. I had all lower priced carry guns and really didn't have any problems with any of them but thought it was time to go from "quantity" to quality. I made a multiple firearms trade for Solo CDP Custom Crimson Trace that was used but from a dealer with whom I have made many trades and purchases and it was very clean and showed no wear. I have a range at my home. Took the pistol out for a test run with Hydro Schocks and on the 5th round, the right safety came off and the gun locked up. Got the remainder of the ammo out but it wouldn't cock nor could I get the slide to come off. Called Kimber and she was very apologetic and the it is on its merry way back to factory. With this issue I decided to do more research and register for this forum hoping to see confirmation that this was fluke and I had indeed made the right decision. Not seeing that. It seems there are more dissatisfied owner than happy ones. Which brings me to my query, is this a good choice for a carry weapon? Can they trusted? Is anyone happy with choice? Or, shuld I be taking this thing back to the dealer as soon as it comes back from Kimber?
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I'm happy with mine. Don't get me wrong I was little discouraged by the early failures and the hunt for a reliable round, but I finally feel confident enough to make it my edc for the summer.

My suggestion, if your not in the mood to put some time into a solo don't. I can't blame anyone who is upset to have to put work into such an expensive sidearm. I was fortunate enough to have off weapons to carry while I complted such an extensive breakin.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Ah, since I don't own a Solo (probably never will) and only know my conclusion from posts on KTalk I will not comment about the Solo.

There are some Solo lovers on here but there seems to be a low percentage of Solo owners that have NOT had any issues and subsequent trip back to the mothership. Even some of the lovers have had a minor problem or two.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois monty57.
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Welcome from Michigan. As for the Solo, I'll just say I wouldn't mind having one for my collection at the right price. But from first hand knowledge of a close friend of mines, I would never consider it for my EDC or bet my life on one. Has to be 100 percent reliable before I holster that weapon. My EDC is a Taurus 709 9mm with 1200 flawless rounds through it. Has to work every time.
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I'm only happy when I pass gas in a safe manner.

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What I have carrIed

I traded a Kahr CW9 and SCCY CPX-1. Both digested anything I stuck in them. I used to do mixed magazines often in both and I never had a FTF of any kind. Many hundreds of rounds through each so yes, with this kind of investment I'm disappointed to say the least. I had planned on thoroughly ringing it out with the suggested rounds but I don't want that to be a waste of time and ammo.
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Kimber will fix the gun,mine I bought in 2013 never a problem it is as reliable as any pistol on the market.i have somewhere between 275 and 300 guns of all types I started shooting handguns when I was 7 years old .my dad was a master gunsmith you no any new gun can have problems.the solo is unique as it was built from ground up for a specific use I'll tell you this when kimber fixes it you will be very happy with it.i carry and shoot mine 200 to 400 rounds at a time it is a very fine pistol that's all I got to what makes ya happy
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I'm a fairly new member here, and had concerns about getting a Solo. After doing some reading here, and some contemplating, I took the plunge. I'm happy I did, and my experience is shared in another post, in this Solo forum. Tomorrow, I'll have owned mine for a whole week, and it alraedy has a slot in my carry roster..
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Originally Posted by monty57 View Post
Or, shuld I be taking this thing back to the dealer as soon as it comes back from Kimber?
I have a Solo and several other 9mm's in that size bracket. The Solo is by far the worst--a poorly executed piece of junk that should bring shame to everyone at Kimber from the president on down to the customer service drones who have to issue return authorizations daily.

I jumped the gun on mine and invested in a couple $150 holsters before learning of the Solo's limitations. If I could do a package deal and sell the whole bunch without taking a substantial loss, I'd do it in a heartbeat. As I don't expect that day to ever come, I keep the Solo, remaining fully cognizant of its limitations.

The other guns that I have and like in this class are the Sig P938. It's spot-on reliable. The S&W Shield is just a bit bigger, but perfectly reliable. Both are better than the Solo.
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