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Kimber Solo - Impulse Purchase

Hello All! I'm new to the forum here and wanted to explain my first encounter with my new Kimber Solo DC.

A bit of a back story: I've like the looks and feel of this pistol for quite some time now; however, I have never found it for less than $800 in my area. Not that I was against such a price, but with all of the horror stories I've read, I just kept passing it up.

On an unexpected visit to a local gun shop, low and behold I found it for $669. Basically, I knew I was buying it before the clerk even got it out of the show case for me. Yes, an impulse purchase indeed. However, my logic was simple; for this price, even if I had to send it back to Kimber a few times, it would be worth it.

So, once I got it home, I cleaned, oiled, and reassemble it with no problems; making sure I was liberal on the oiling. (I normally run my Glocks pretty dry, but, that's because they're Glocks).

In preparation for "range day", the night before I loaded the mags with snap caps and tried to cycle them through the gun; major problems. I couldn't get through the 6 round mag without half of them jamming. What I found was loading the mags by hand seemed to cause the rounds to not line up correctly. I switch to my Uplula loader and things got better. I finally got through both the 6 and 8 round mags with no problems. I left the slide locked back that night.

First Range Day: I had 100 rounds of Blazer Brass FMJ 124 grain and 20 rounds of Winchester JHP 147 grain. I ended up shooting just over 100 rounds with only 1 FTE. (Although I have to admit, the first round out of this tiny shooter almost knocked me on my bottom; wasn't expecting that kind of recoil.)

Second Range Day: Blazer Brass FMJ 124 grain, American Eagle FMJ 124 grain, Winchester NATO FMJ 124 grain, Winchester JHP 147 grain, and Federal Hydra-Shock 124 grain. Again, just over 100 rounds with No FTEs or FTFs.

I'm giddy with joy. Side note: Odd, the Blazer seemed to have much more of a "kick" than any of the other stuff I put through it.

So, in conclusion, it appears I am one of the few who have a working Kimber Solo right out of the box. (Now I have probably just jinxed myself and my next range visit will end up with a jamomatic!)
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Old 11-09-2015, 09:57 AM   #2
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Welcome from Michigan, congrats on the new Solo. Hope she keeps running good for you. Some do, some don't.
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Still waiting on my DC, starting to get impatient.
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Welcome to the KT Forum from Fla.Congrats on the Solo,sounds like you got a "keeper".
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Welcome to KT
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Welcome to the the forum from Ohio. Always happy to hear good reports about the Solo.
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Welcome to th crazy house. Glad you like your new Kimber

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois.
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Welcome from Michigan. Glad to hear your Solo is running out of the gate. I hope my STS will operate as well when it returns from the New York.
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Old 11-12-2015, 08:24 AM   #10
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Thanks all for the warm welcome...

New update:

While practicing with my Springfield EMP; just for fun, I decided to run some 115 grain through the Solo... It worked with no problems at all, I didn't even have to put a "death grip" on it (limp wrist).

Looks like I really hit the jackpot!
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