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Call me Cautiously Optimistic

Last week I bid the lowest possible amount amount on a Kimber Solo DC(my personal favorite) on GB. I have had experience with these little beast, but I can't help loving them for what they are.

As soon as I discovered I won the auction, I went to my LGS and acquired three 6 rd mags. I then went to the local flea market and acquired a few boxes of premium self defense ammo at flea market prices.

Today, I went to the range. I had stuffed the three mags I got last week with ammo to soften the spring. I also took the time to clean the gun prior to range and put a pretty good wetting on it. Checked all systems, and left for the range with high hopes!

I shot 20 Federal 147 and 20 Federal 124 self defense premium rds and all hit paper with extraordinary accuracy and flawless operation. I then shot 50 124 NATO, again super accurate and without a single flaw of any sort! I intentionally limped wristed twice and got brass in the face.

So why am I cautiously optimistic? The last Solo I had ran well for about 120rds, then the safety screwed up. My first Solo Carry, went back to Kimber after I discovered the slide eating into the barrel. So, Weather permitting, I have some 124 Federal HST (my carry favorite) and 124 American Eagle that will see action in the morning. I gotta say, the [email protected]#$ nature notwithstanding, this is an awesome little beast! As I shot this gun, I remembered why I like it so much. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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Here's hoping all goes well.

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Hope this one continues to behave properly. I suspect it will.
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Fingers crossed.
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Hope everything goes well. Keep us updated, please.


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Rubbing a shamrock for ya and giving you a little Irish luck...
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It is indeed an awsome little beast that can throw a big punch. I hope I never have to test it's defensive capabilities beyond the regular practice rounds attempting to fend off the attack of an evil 8" dia. steel plate lurking in front of my shooting hill, but it is peace of mind to know that you have that much power available in your pocket. Good luck with your Solo.

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Nice Range report. Do not own a Solo. There are several happy Solo owners that belong to this forum. I am picking up a Kimber Eclipse 10 mm
on Thursday that will announce my presence with authority I believe.

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Still optimistic, but some concern

Well, I am proud to say the today's range session was very good indeed! I started with a box of Hornady 124 XTP, and then moved on to 124 American Eagle! All 70 rounds fled the barrel with nary a single problem. I finally fired 24 rounds of my PD preference, Fed 124 HST, again all flawless.

The last 24 rounds I shot to begin determining accuracy with the round. At 21 ft I shot the first round and it struck dead center. I then stopped, LOL, not really, but the last 23 were in a grouping of about the size of a softball. I would take pics, but camera battery is charging. I will take pics of future trips to record accuracy.

Very pleased and when I got home and went to clean the gun, one of the grip screws fell out in my hand and it just happened that a new set of screws I had ordered were in my mailbox, so I inserted my "O" rings with the new screws and all should be well.

I did note a couple of differences with this pistol. 1.) previous Solo's did not like "slingshot" of the slide to chamber a round, while this one the user (me) can slingshot or release with slide release. 2.) The mags seem to go in "easy", but mag release is very stiff. I have to use my weak hand to push the slide release in and then the mag will not fall free. Maybe with more time?

Thanks for the support and comments. I am really liking this gun at this point.

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I know the feeling, very satisfying to know a firearm you have invested a tidy sum of money, works as expected.
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