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Question Basic question of mags

I have owned my first Kimber for a little over a year now. It's a Custom Crimson Carry II with green laser sights. I ABSOLUTELY love it. I've owned both Ruger and Sig handguns for many years now. They're fine, but nowhere near my Kimber. I shoot so incredibly well with this gun, it's almost like magic. I carry it concealed IWB 4:00 every day (in my car while I'm on duty) and it's very comfortable.
I'm considering getting the Utra Crimson Carry II as a backup weapon for use in an ankle holster. Question: Will the mags from my Custom Carry fit in the Ultra Carry? I understand that the longer mags would extend below the butt of the grip. But otherwise, would it work? In addition to carrying my Custom Carry, I also carry 2 extra mags. If the same extra mags would fit in both primary and backup weapon, that would be a great advantage, as I'm sure you could see.
Thanks for your forum and answers. I've learned alot reading already.
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I do not conceal carry but I would think the ultra might be a bit large for the ankle the micro nine I think might be more suitable. Like I said I do not carry I am just giving you something else to consider.

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The mags will fit, but I'm with SWCA. Too heavy for the ankle carry. How about a 5 shot Charter Arms revolver in 45 ACP. You can reload it from your mags.

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois DesertRich, yes the magazines will work in your Ultra size gun. I carry an ultra Tactical with 2 spare full size 8 round magazines.
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Welcome from Ohio DesertRich

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Welcome DesertRich, gotta love those Ultra's
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! As already posted full size magazines will fit and function in a Ultra size but not the other way around. Ultra magazine will not fit a full size.
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Don't care for ankle carry, just try to run sometime while ankle carrying. But if you do, smaller and lighter the better. I would want something much smaller then a Ultra. When I carry a back up gun, it's always a Glock 43 or a Kahr PM9. They are pocket carried in my support side front pants pocket.
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For some, thigh holsters are great. Notice these thighs, and if you look real closely and have sharp eyes you can almost see a handgun.
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Originally Posted by montanaResident View Post
For some, thigh holsters are great. Notice these thighs, and if you look real closely and have sharp eyes you can almost see a handgun.
Oh, Monty, you dog, you!!
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