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Ultra CDP II: Shakedown Run

KimberTalk tradition dictates that I report on a new gun's first trip to the range. So here it goes.

Before hitting the range, I cleaned up the gun a bit. Initially, the trigger hand a little bump in it, but after cleaning and lubing, it went away. The firing pin channel was a little too oily, and there was a slight burr on the back side of the extractor channel. No big issues; it's a very nice gun.

Since this was a shakedown run, I wanted to push the limits. I brought some Fiocchi and some Prvi Partizan blems. If the gun was going to choke on anything, it would be the latter.

I loaded 7+1, because that could be a source of problems, but the Kimber didn't care if it was the first round or the last. Everything was a-ok, and the Kimber ate up every round perfectly. There was one operator error for the day. I'm not used to shooting a pistol with a giant safety, and on one shot I had inadvertently pushed it up a hair. That's a good thing; I can now improve my technique so that problem never happens again.

The gun pokes holes very accurately during slow fire ,and is very controllable for quick followups. I like to play around shooting rapid fire, and today I did a bunch of double-taps to side-by-side targets. The attached image is the first 24 rounds I ever fired out of the gun. 8 rounds x 3 at 25 feet, all rapid fire. The fliers are because I get too excited and spaz out, and the big hole in the middle is because that's all the better I can shoot.

I also brought out a couple 9's: my new HK P2000sk, and my older Sig P938. Both ran flawlessly, just as they're supposed to.

Mrs. Iron also came with me today. She brought her S&W M&P Shield in 9mm, and her Ruger Security-Six, with some .357 and some .38 +P.

It was a very nice morning.
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Nice report Rob, you touched all the bases. Gun, ammo loads and pictures of your gun and target.
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Nicely done, and good looking Kimber there!
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Atta boy Rob nice report, oh and accurate shooting. I enjoy my CDP.
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Thanks for the report and nice shooting
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Glad it's working like its suppose to.
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Good report,good shooting, and a Really good gun! It does not get any better than that!
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Great range report Rusty and some mighty fine shooting with the new Kimber...

Mrs. Rusty has a great taste in guns also if I may say....Congrats...
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Nice shoot'n! Glad this Kimber did well for you, beautiful CDP and great report.
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Nice shooting and great report.
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