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Why do you carry?

I have recently been involved in a series of discussions with some of my more liberal associates (we all have a few) who cannot understand why I carry a concealed weapon and always have one easily accessible. I have tried to explain about old habits, police response times, surge in violence, etc.

I told them point blank that it is in my nature to protect. I told them that were I in a position of needing to protect someone but was unable to do so would just be unthinkable. Sadly, despite my "war stories", awareness of current events etc, they see no reason ordinary people should have access to guns or even contemplate taking a life because they feel safe. They are sheeple, victims, prey and dangerously ignorant of reality.

Their favorite "joke" is about what will I do when Hillary is elected and guns are illegal. I just smile. Debate is futile and blunt honesty is wasted on the clueless.

So for you who will sometimes carry or believe firearms are only for the shooting range, I offer this piece of current events.

Teen accused in face-biting slayings claimed superpowers | Fox News

I offer this last thought for what it is worth. If you cannot use the weapon, don't carry the weapon. Please do not provide an evil-doer with an upgrade in weaponry.
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That guy sounds like he is demon-possessed. Seriously. As far as the libtards go, yeah, whatever. I can't fix stupid. As far as the Hag goes, yeah, whatever. She and what army? What Trump said, basically that the Second Amendment people will have a say about her intentions: well said.
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Too much Utopian Fairy Dust Sniffing, always said that stuff would kill brain cells.

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Cuz I refuse to be a victim or a crime statistic.
Cuz the police cannot, nor do the have any duty to, protect me.
Cuz most cops are too heavy to carry around.
Cuz I want to excersise my 2nd amendment right.
Cuz I can.
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With family and buddy's in LE, I have the pleasure of hearing it all. The bad guys dont care and no respect. I want to be prepared for something I hope never happens but from what I get to hear..... So I carry to protect me and my family
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I carry because the world has become a more dangerous place over the last 7 years, more division in the country, more racial tension, and I do not want to be a victim.
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Because I want to.

That face biter was in my county.
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Because I love to accessorize!!

(or some crap like that....)
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I carry now for several reasons.....

1. In the past few years my job has required me to travel much more than I used to and a lot of that is driving long trips alone and sometimes not getting home until close to midnight. If I'm not driving I'm flying and walking thru parking garages at all hours to get to my car or into a cab. With all the craziness in the world today (riots, shootings, terrorism) I needed to feel safe and know that I could protect myself if I needed to.

2. The Pulse nightclub shooting here in Orlando hit a little to close to home. While we didn't go to that club, I often go to clubs downtown with my daughter and other friends. The realization that it could happen that close to home was a big awakening for me. The world has changed a lot in the past few years and it became clear that anything can happen at any time and any place.

3. I'm also concerned about this country's future should we end up with a certain female in office.

I have a close friend at work who shares my views on guns and carrying. We spend most lunch hours discussing the subject in one form or another and quite often someone will overhear and voice their stupid opinions on how guns should be outlawed and how Hillary is the one to take control..UGH. Can't understand how people can be that stupid but I'm learning it's a waste of good air to try and argue with them.

Overall, it's like you stated...I refuse to be a victim or not have the ability to protect my family.

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"I do not carry a pistol so I can impose my will on someone else. I carry a pistol so someone else cannot impose their will on me! - Lynn Givens, Rangemaster"
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