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Cleaning Habits

How often & also how thoroughly do you clean your guns? Do you take out the firing pin & spring every time? How often do you clean the mags? Do you have different schedules for different guns?

I clean all of mine after 100-150 rounds - not to say I will stop shooting at 150 & clean it if I'm still shooting ...

I do not clean my mags very often - just wipe down the outside & follower most of the time.

I have only taken out the firing pin/spring on my P238 once for cleaning - had to replace the spring. Otherwise I haven't done that for any of my guns.
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I field strip and clean after every range session. Mags get wiped down and inspected. I only do a deep cleaning once a year. My carry gun gets wiped down daily.
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I never put a gun away dirty. That said, I don't detail clean them except for maybe once a year- remove firing pins, etc. Of course, it depends on the gun. My AR's and shotguns get detailed stripped every time, because it's so easy. I usually just wipe mags down.
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I take the stop/pin out once in awhile, although the extra 20 seconds seems logical just to do it every time. I seem to spend more time on my stainless guns because I can see dirt a lot better. I take a good hour on those from soak to finish. I usually don't clean them right after use, but definitely within a day maybe two.
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I clean my carry gun (Kahr PM9) weekly, wipe it down, make sure there is no lint trapped it crevices & then relube. My other guns, not so much. I think I am getting lazy in my old age!

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I just spray my firearms down with Birchwood/Casey gun scrubber and then use my gun rod, toothbrush and boresnake with the sweet nectar of the gods...Hoppes #9 after each range session and a field strip after every 500 rounds..
Ya have to get some Hoppes just for the smell if anything else..
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I clean my guns usually within a day or two of a range session. That is usually 150-200 rounds.
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My guns get cleaned the same day they were shot. I will detail clean once a year or with my more heavily used guns around 2000 rounds.
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Just field strip/clean most of the time, usually done a day or so after a range visit. I've detail stripped my Glocks, but they are just too easy not to. I have not yet detail stripped the Kimber.

Some bore blaster for the tight spots, Hoppes #9, some good oil... it's good.
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After every range day. I just can't sleep until it's or they are clean. Hoppes #9 and rem oil.....
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cleaning, field strip

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