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Fun with Guns in the Sun

It was going to be a hot day, and strangely, the forecast was for cooler temps in the high desert. Mrs. Iron and I loaded up some guns, ammo, and snacks, and headed north. There were no signs of any other people for miles around, so we happily parked in our favorite spot. We spent the day shooting and picnicing. Afterwards, we went home to unload guns, pick up dogs, and headed off to dinner at our favorite dog-friendly restaurant.

Since this is a Kimber forum, I'll report on the Ultra CDP II first. I probably put another 150 rounds through it, bringing it's lifetime total to 250. It ran flawlessly. I think the one negative of this gun is the aggressive checkering on the grips. It's a little sharp for prolonged recreational shooting.

The other 1911 was the Rock Island I've been working on. It was fun to shoot, and can drive tacks, but I need to go back and work on the trigger. Occassionally it doesn't reset properly. I think I know what to do, and it shouldn't be a big deal. The big revelation on this gun is the Truglo tritium/fiberoptics that I stuck on it. These sights KICK ASS. Of the guns I was shooting, the Sig sights were ok. They're off-white, but you can pick them up ok. The Kimber and the HK have white three-dots, and your eyes can pick them up pretty easily. The Truglo's... they reach out and GRAB your eyeballs right out of the sockets. In bright sunlight, I'm sure these help in quickly getting your sights on-target. Once I work on the trigger a little more, this is going to be a good gun.

The Sig P938 came out because I carry it more frequently than anything else. I like to make sure it's aways good-to-go. This has been my favorite shooter for the past couple years, but today I realized that at this point in time, I like shooting bigger guns a little more. The Sig had one failure to feed. It was with a new magazine, and everything was perfect after that. I actually had four new magazines yesterday, and none were quite as perfect as the broken-in magazines. The Kimbers were a little rough, the Sig failed to feed once, and the Novak was just plain stiff. But other than the stiff spring, that Novak was slick, and the finish was beautiful. The spring softened up a bit by the end of the day. So next time I need more 1911 magazines, Novak will be on my shopping list.

The other gun I brought was an HK P2000sk. I think this is the funnest to shoot, and the one in which I place the most confidence. It does exactly what it's supposed to do, every time, no excuses. This has HK's LEM trigger. It would be easy to confuse with a striker fired gun, but it's hammer fired. It feels like a cross between double action and striker-fired. The initial part of the trigger pull is very light, then it will hit a bump, and then fire with normal trigger pressure. I think this is the best self-defense gun I own.
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Nice, I'd give about anything to have a place like that around me to shoot at.
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Thanks for the photos and the story. A range report that I like....out shooting and having fun doing it.
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Nice report and pic's!
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Mohave desert? I did a lot of motorcycle riding and shooting out there. I knew of lots of illegal dumping done, so targets aplenty. Loved to shoot old cars, big appliances, etc.
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That's the best range ever! I agree with Chuck, I'd love to have one like that to go to.
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Beautiful country!Looks like you had an outstanding day!
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Nice rusty, nothing like a day of shooting in 'no country for old men' country.
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Sounds like a great day!


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That's's beautiful! Love that you can just drive, pull over and have your own private range! Nice report on the guns. The bigger guns are great to shoot, but not so easy to conceal. Love shooting them on the range though!
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