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Obama will probably take credit for it!

With the storm about ready to hit Florida and the buying frenzy for emergency supplies and unfortunately all the new construction that could follow the storm. I would say Obama will want the credit for improving the local economy with all the spending it is causing!

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Hez the man!
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My 'favorite" from him is his knowledge about "who we are." <sarcasm>
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We should nominate Obammy for president!
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Well, you will probably appreciate this then, the libs think the document being signed by the U.N. is designed to stop hurricanes!

What?? NBC?s Ron Allen Thinks Climate Deal Is ?Designed to Stop? Storms Like Hurricane Matthew

I'd like to see them try to stop the forces of nature.
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Old 10-07-2016, 06:35 PM   #6
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Trump will rebuilt it. Obama will take the credit for it. Hillary will call it opportunistic and deplorable.
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Back in 2008/2009, O was caught in a gaf (being honest) that he thought gas prices should rise to the level of Europe (Great Britain if memory serves). Then the recession settled in and gas prices went up, up, up. He was then on a few TV interviews making fun of the folks who were accusing him of inflating gasoline prices. He said sarcastically, "the govt. doesn't control gas prices...the market does." Well.....Big surprise, I saw him on TV not too long ago claiming credit for our current low gasoline prices and implying that it was due to his (Dem's) policies. Hmmmmm.
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