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First Kimber

Just got my first Kimber it's the Pro Carry 2 was wondering if anyone knows if you can put a compensator on it. I understand it's designed as a carry pistol but I'm of the opinion if it's possible to do it then why not.
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Welcome to the forum from St.Lou...
Good luck and congrats on being the first to ever ask about this..
Maybe one of the other members could explain to you the pro/con or if you can do this.
P.S...Keep us informed if and when you add this to your 1911..

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Bear in mind that those barrel bushing comps are made to drop in which means they have loose fit. You will likely see a reduction in accuracy. Bushings are fit ID to the barrel and OD to the slide and relieved for the 1 degree drop of the barrel during operation.

Frankly the 45 is a low pressure cartridge that I don't believe benefits much from being comped. I may have assumed it was 45.

I vertical porting type will help with reducing muzzle flip and aid in quicker sight recovery on target for speed shooting. But that requires either a rebarrel or slide and barrel work like Mag na port offers.
I have thought of it in the past after shooting a Shumann hybrid comp barrel gun. But it was not due to recoil just quicker recovery.

Good luck

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Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!

City of Monroe.jpg

I hate to be the guy to rain on your parade, but I don't believe that you can install a compensator on a Pro Carry II, as it does not have a barrel bushing. I checked on You Tube and all references to compensators were for full size pistols, not Pro sized. Midway USA catalogs comps and comp barrels only for Government Model size pistols.

I hope you will still enjoy your Pro Carry II. I have one and I am really enjoying it. I used to have a Custom Stainless II, but decided to go for lighter and shorter.

PC II 125 Rnds-3.JPG

Send us some pictures and a range report when you get the chance! Be safe!!!
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Welcome to the forum, from Georgia.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new Kimber...
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois MPizer, I believe the gentlemen before me adequately answered your question.
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Welcome from Ohio


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Welcome from Colorado!
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Well I was only interested in the whole comp. idea because I think they look sweet I don't think it will change my mind on my pro carry I love it just means I will just have to buy a full size to trick out next. Thanks for all the help y'all.
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