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Saturday Rang Day

My son and I went to the range today for what has become an almost weekly father/son Saturday morning event. This week we took the micro 9, .45 full size Raptor and the Ruger Mini 14. He is 11 and has been shooting for about a year now. We started him off with a BB rifle then stepped up to a 10/22. Over the last few months he has been trying the Mini 14. I have not taken him to an outdoor range yet so all his shooting has been between 21 ft with a hand gun and 60 ft with rifles, which is the max length of range. Other than his very first time at the range I don't take target pictures but this one I was rather proud of. He had a few "wild" shots hitting the targets arms but overall is coming along nicely. The Mini was loaded with 5.56 and has a Leupold 1.5 - 4 AR Mod 1 scope. As for the Kimbers, the Raptor and Marshall 9 performed as expected.
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I think it is great that you are introducing your son to the shooting sports. I can still remember the first time my dad took my older brother and I shooting. I was about 11 years old also. We had found a couple empty beer cans. When I finally hit one it went flying off. After retrieving it we found I had hit in the top of the can. It actually went into the opening of the beer can and stayed in the can. I brought it home with me and it stayed on a shelf in my bedroom four a few years. We were shooting my brothers Marlin bolt action .22 LR. He earned the rifle by selling Christmas cards. They mailed it to him he was 15 years old. We are talking California!
Sorry for rambling but I am sure your son will always remember these times!
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A day with your child on the range is worth more then money can buy. My children are in their 30's & 40's and now shoot with their children but more importantly to me they tell them how grandpa taught them how to shoot and encourage them to press me for more training.
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Absolutely!! On top of wanting him to know how to correctly use a firearm and not fear them like a lot of people seem to be these days, it was a real experience in spending the time together and the memory making. Today just really hit my soft buttons
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I hope someday I can take my Daughter to the range. Few more years and Ishe will be ready. We already teach her gun safety and she knows we all have them.
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I enjoy reading these stories of childhood memories. I didn't learn to shoot until I was an adult but we started teaching our daughter when she was about 11. Even though she was a good shot, the best in her her first pistol class, she did not like the noise on the range. She is 21 now, still a good shot, and now only complains about not having enough time to get to the range!

Yesterday when my husband & I were leaving the range we saw a family of 3 generations going in to practice; grandparents, dad, & his 11-ish daughter. Made me smile.

So, Mini-me...proud dad, way to go & nice shooting Mini-me's son!
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Wink Teach 'em Young and Teach 'em Right!!

I envy you the time you spend with your son!! I taught my kids to shoot starting at age 5. They are both married now with their own kids. I still hunt with my son when his family is in Georgia during hunting season. We shoot every chance that we get. I haven't shot with my daughter in many years. She has lost interest in it and just has too many other things keeping her busy. After she discovered boys, that was the end of shooting, hunting and fishing with Dad. I miss my tomboy!!

I now have 4 grand kids to educate in firearms safety, gun handing and marksmanship. For any who have an interest, Grandpa will be happy to take them hunting. My granddaughters are the oldest, 7 & 5. I have informed Grandma that I will be buying them pink shorty .22 LR's to learn on. They have already got the basics of archery with my backyard block and 3D deer archery target. The two boys, 21 months and 2 yrs 7 months will get camo shorty .22's to start them off. At a bit older and after mastering safety and marksmanship will come the obligatory Ruger 10/22. then the fun will really begin!!!

Can't wait to get them started. As I said, I envy you your time with your son. Keep it up. He will be off on his own way too soon!!! I hunted with my son from the time he was 5. When he turned 16 and had to have that car, I got a shock!! He needed a job to pay for the car. gas and insurance. The only jobs he could get were after school and on weekends. That put an end to my hunting partner!!! It was strange going out in the field without him!! I still miss him. He's now a Staff Sergeant (E6) in the U.S. Army Infantry and is currently stationed in Vilseck, Germany. He is periodically deployed--Iraq, Afghanistan, Estonia, and Croatia. Some of the places that he goes, the "game" shoots at him. That is when I REALLY miss him and pray for his safe return!! It also makes me glad that I taught him to be proficient with firearms. He is rated as an expert with the M9 9mm pistol, the M4 5.56mm carbine, M249 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapon, M240 .30 cal. medium machine gun and the M2 Browning .50 cal. heavy machine gun (Ma Deuce).

Keep taking your son shooting. He will remember you for it!!

BTW, nice shooting there "Mini-mini"!!! Shoot straight, send lots of lead down range and above safe!!
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