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Which one to choose

Well a little while back I posted about my questions on the aluminum frames. Well after the answers on here and further reading, I'm no longer concerned with them.

But, the pistol I was wondering about wad the super carry ultra+. It seems the going price of this one is around $1500 or so.

But to the point, if money was no option, which model of the kimber lineup would you choose to carry? I'd prefer if the options were only a 3 or 4 inch barrel. Also a brief overview of why you'd pick that particular model would be good. The reason I am liking the ultra+ is the weight and the bobbed frame. Thanks for any input.
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Well I own an Ultra CDP Pro (4" barrel) Aluminum frame, it has what they call the carry meld done to it basically dehorned rounded every where. I really love it. The accuracy is outstanding! I think the pro model is my favorite. It really fits my hand just point and shoot. I just posted a picture of my latest Kimber it is an Ultra 3" aluminum frame. Everybody gives the Ultra good marks also. I have not shot my Ultra yet it is being sentenced on Staurday to ten days in solitary. Personally just buy one of each! You will love them both. I would buy a Master carry pro if I could ever find one in So.Cal. They unfortunately are not on the Doj approved list here. I love that perfectly rounded butt reminds me of Jennifer Lopez.
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Classic Carry Pro
...all that really counts is $$$

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I think I would choose Tactical Pro. It's priced middle of the road in the Kimber lineup and as Chuck has stated many times, it has everything you could want in a carry gun. It has ambi-safety,night sights,light weight aluminum frame and a mag well. It's a good looking gun but not so good looking that your going to worry about wear marks you get on an EDC.
I don't think I would go with an Ultra+ because it has a full size grip and a 3" barrel. If I'm going with a full size grip I'm getting a Pro, I don't feel that extra inch on the barrel is going to make a big difference when I carrying. I know I personally shoot a Pro better than an Ultra.
I also think the CDP Pro is an excellent carry gun too.
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IMHO the best 3" carry gun Kimber makes is the Ultra Tactical, (I carry one) as JC45 already stated it has everything you could want on a carry gun.

In a 4" gun I like my Super Carry or Classic Carry Pro.
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LOVE my Super Carry Ultra HD. It has the rounded butt, night sights, ambi safety, carry melt, & is all stainless under the KimPro finish- so when I need to refinish it I have LOTS of options.

Yes, it's a bit heavy. With a good belt & holster I really don't mind it at all. The upside of the weight is less felt recoil which for me translates to better accuracy.
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Until I can try them all out I can not decide... I do enjoy my Pro Carry II
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I was unaware of the Super Carry Ultra+ model when I bought my first Kimber, if I had it to do over and money was no object I would buy a SCU+ and just like a lot of the other Ultra models it has a lot going for it that you would want in a CC pistol. Probably get a lot of different "X Ultra" is the best, you have to decide what features you like and desire. I like that it has a short barrel, full size and rounded grip, plus it holds 8 rounds in the magazine, so 8+1 in chamber.
SCU+ MSRP is $1,569, I saw a few on Gunbroker in the 1300 dollar range and some with active auctions with bids of $900, so good shopping could get you a fair price.

My EDC rotates between CDP Ultra or RCP Ultra.

I have not found my Pro 4" barrel models to have that much of an accuracy advantage over my Ultra's, in fact a couple of my Ultras seem to be a tad more accurate. Slow, determined, fired from a rest the Pro has somewhat tighter groups. But when I do my part the Ultras are just real close to being just as accurate.
In a self defense situation you won't have time or perfect conditions.

I have a full size 5" Gold Combat Limited Edition that as expected is more accurate than all my other pistols, Kimber's included.

There is no wrong Ultra choice IMO.
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Ultra, or Pro is a personal preference. I would look HARD at the Tactical and Super Carry models. I've got a Tactical Pro, and love it. My wife has the Super Carry HD Ultra, which I've shot, and would pinch it in a heartbeat from her (if I didn't have to give one of mine).
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I'm partial to the fullsize frame since my hands are big and I don't find the smaller frame all that comfortable. I'm also not really lacking body size to conceal it either haha.

I will definitely take a look at the models mentioned. My father had a stainless ultra carry 2. That has the smaller frame if I recall correctly.

I most definitely like the feel of the rounded butt frame as it feels more natural in my hand. And it's likely just my imagination, but a 5" gun with the regular butt frame feels great, but with a 3" barrel, the round butt feels better. No clue why, it just does haha.
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