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My Ed Brown Sear Jig Problem!

I ordered the Ed Brown sear Jig from Brownells and it came today. The problem is it has been used and it did not have the .20 shim with it. It has a blemish on one end as if it did not get wiped down after using it also looking at the edge I see nicks or file marks. I will contact Brownells an get it sorted out. I am just surprised it ever got mailed!

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Some jamoke probably returned it, and to the clerk, it looked like new so it got put back on the shelf. Let us now how your 1911 'smithing turns out.
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Thats not a happy thing. Hope they take care of it.
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Brownells guarantees 100% satisfaction on every item you purchase from them, they are a great company to deal with.

If you buy a product from Brownells and decide you donít need it, donít want it, or just donít like it, weíll take it back any time; no questions asked.
We guarantee your satisfaction 100% forever.

Someone cheap SOB probably bought it, used it and then returned it to get his money back.
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I'm sure Brownells will replace it with a new one for you. I've dealt with their CS a few times and was impressed with them. Should have no problem.
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When I bought mine it was a little tarnished. It is an expensive, large chuck of metal with a single purpose. Use it, then sell it. I did two 1911s and then sold it. Total final cost to me was about $5.
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I like Brownells, bought several different types of magazines from them. They didn't have a limit on how many magazines you could buy at a time like Midway did.
Brownells had good service.
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