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high blood pressure/lead levels

Thankfully everything is pretty good as far as I'm concerned :-) I'm in the OK range but things could be better BP wise so I'm studying up on the topic. I did discover that heavy metal levels (lead) in your system WILL contribute to elevated blood pressure. Thought I'd post this note with anyone who shoots at an indoor range in mind. If you have high BP and shoot indoors a lot get the lead level checked. You may be able to improve the situation by "getting the lead out"? There's a process, "chelation therapy" that can detox you.
Although the range I shoot at is supposed to have adequate ventilation I had found my sinuses were irritated after visits. I've taken to using a P100 1/2 mask and guess what? No sinus irritation after shooting :-) All the guys that work at the range have started using the same masks when they sweep up.
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Thanks for the info, we need to be careful of what we breath.

I have been taking medication for high blood pressure for a long time and was not shooting at that time.

My high BP was caused by EBC (excessive biscuit consumption) not lead dust from shooting.
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I used to be on both BP and Cholesterol meds. In 2005 I finally listened to my doctor, I changed my eating habits and went on a diet (lost 50 lbs), started working out in the gym and today at 175 lbs I'm off of both medications.

I sometimes wonder about people that carry and practice with guns on the very remote chance they will need them to preserve their lives. But they continue to eat and carry around excess weight that is a million times more likely to kill them.
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And my Dr told me that my high blood pressure was from eating Chicken Fried Steak for dinner and sausage biscuits for breakfast. Both with gravy, of course.
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And don't forget to wash that lead and residue off your hands in cool water, not hot....using hot opens the pores and lets the lead absorb into your skin. Got it from a good source....they should post a sign at the sinks in ranges. The other thing is that if you can smell or taste it, the ventilation is not as good as you may think.
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Unless you're shooting lead bullets a lot of that residue is from the powder.
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Most of the indoor ranges don't allow lead bullets, only FMJ and Copper Plated some allow the epoxy bullets now. If you do get any irritation it's from the powders being burnt. No ventilation system can take everything out that fast.

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