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Accuracy difference between 4 and 5 barrels

I'm in the process of buying a new 1911 45 and trying to decide on barrel length. I have pretty much decided on a Kimber. My question is the accuracy difference between a 4and 5 inch barrel.
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Slim and close it is hard to determine without placing in a shooting vice. There can be some difference with accuracy between 3" and 5" but not much and that wasn't your question.
Highly likely 4 and 5 inch models will be real close accuracy wise...I wouldn't worry about that aspect.

Yes, I own all barrel lengths. To be honest the Gold Combat LE (5") is the most accurate but I think that is due to coming from factory with a great trigger. I have a couple 3" models that are real close.
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I use to go to a gun range that had a gun vise that you could rent. It would hold the gun steady and absorb the recoil. I only rented it once, and my conclusion was that I can shoot fine, if I take my time, aim, breath, and ease back on the trigger. In other words, learning how to shoot is 90% of hitting what you are aim at. A good trigger job goes a long ways also.
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BTW, the 1911 was designed as a 5 incher. The smaller versions are problematic because of this. If you want a reliable gun, verses a cute gun get the full size.
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I'm not the greatest shot in the world, but my little Super Carry Ultra HD (3") shot as good as anything I own. Then again, my Raptor Pro (4") and TLE (4") shoot better than my Custom (5") but I think it is because the Custom has an alloy frame and all the others are all steel. I like the extra weight.

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All my Kimber 45s are accurate. Thats 3"-5"...

Maybe the question should be, 'what are you going to use them for and at what distance'. For mostly paper punching, they are all fine. Next question, will you carry and if so, how concealed do you want to be. If you are considering competitive shooting, then 5" match grade barrel with adjustable sights.

Everything is a matter of preference only determined by you. 45acp was designed as a knock down round. Not for sniping.

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3" Ultra Aegis at 30 ft, not sure how tight of grouping you are shooting for but my weapons are for self-defense. BTW, these were triple taps, two in body, one in head

I'm a 1911 addict -- GI CCO 9mm, WC Sentinel Compact 9mm, WC ULCC 9mm, WC Professional 38 super, WC Stealth 38 super, WC Bobtail Professional 9mm, DW CCO 38 super, DW CBOB 38 super, Kimber Ultra Aegis 9mm and a little Sig P938
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I believe that a competent shooter can shoot any gun well, as long as they become familiar with that gun. Take Hickok45 for example, that fella seems to be proficient with just about any gun he puts in his hand.
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I strongly believe the bull bushing less barrel of the pro models is the ultimate iteration of the 1911. I shoot extremely long distance as well as speed shooting unclose with it and other than my suppressed TLE II custom for whatever reason, my 4in timbers are better shooting, softer shooting, faster shooting, more pointable and better looking than every 5in I've had

btw, the physical length of a barrel has nothing to do with accuracy, even in the ELR rifle world, length = velocity depending on the powder and loading
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Originally Posted by Wk2fish View Post
My question is the accuracy difference between a 4and 5 inch barrel.
The sight radius is going to be about 25% greater on the gun with the 5" barrel. That's a substantial amount. Something to think about.
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