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Unhappy Super Carry Pro Lemon

Hello, I am new to the group, and was hoping I can get some advice. I have a Super Carry Pro 45 ACP that was purchased new in 2010. This was an expensive purchase ($1500), but I assumed I was buying a quality product. Unfortunately, the gun box was placed on the shelf, and not taken to the range until 1.5 years later. I know, I was busy with family, work, etc. Well, I could not get through one magazine without 4-5 malfunctions. I immediately stopped. More bad news, only a one year warranty! Most of my other guns have lifetime warranty. So I took it to a quality 1911 gunsmith, and found out the disconnector was completely fractured. Right out of the box! Quality control?? Back to the range (all quality factory ammo), failure to battery, etc., 1-2 every magazine. Ordered several Wilson Combat and KimPro Tac-Mags. Some improvement. Back to gunsmith for ramp and throat job and ejector tune. A little more improvement. Ordered Wolff improved XP spring set. A little more improvement. Ordered Ed Brown Match grade series 70 ejector, and better polished ramp job. Much improvement. However, 4 years later with various experiments with ammo, mags, cleaning, and a lot of money down the drain, etc., I have a gun that still jams unexpectedly. I can fire 100 rounds with no problem, then the next day have a jam or failure to chamber every other magazine. Does not appear to be related to the magazines or ammo, as I have done countless range testing. Also, not related to the order of bullets, could be first shot, #3, or last shot that fails. So my hope of a nice concealed carry weapon is dust, and I am left with an unreliable lemon. I did write Kimber early on and did not get a reply. I'm close to sending it back to the Kimber factory and telling them to hang it on the wall as a reminder to please stop ripping people off and build a quality handgun. Before I do that, any possible remedies that I have not explored?
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You don't mention your experience shooting in general. Are you otherwise familiar with the 1911 style weapon? What other weapons have you fired with success? Have you had any issues with any of them?

I am not trying to belittle or blame you, but rather establish a personal experience background that is relative to the weapon profile you provided.
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First, welcome to the forum. You should have called Kimber as soon you experienced a problem. Their customer service is second to none.

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Thanks for the response. First, I am 55 years old and have been shooting since a teen. Gun collection varies from 12-15 handguns, multiple variations (wheel, XD, 1911, etc.) Competed in a few pistol events. Shoot several times a month. Attended tactical training. As far as calling Kimber, I guess I prefer email/letter correspondence, which got no reply. Also, being out of warranty, I figured I would rather pay a local gunsmith (Won pistol smith of the year) then pay Kimber.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois DrTom, I am a Super Carry Pro owner with over 3000 rounds through it I think it's a fantastic gun. What you should have done was to contact Kimbers customer service, yes the paper work says 1 year warranty but they've repaired malfunctioning guns bought used on their nickle. If that were my gun, I'd call them and explain the problems it's having without getting excited or yelling at anyone, remain calm and polite. If they ask you to return it and you've replaced any parts in it and you still have the originals reinstall them in the gun before returning it to the factory. Because of liability they will not return a gun to you with aftermarket parts, they will replace them with Kimber parts and charge you for them but other then that I'll bet they'll fix the gun for you on their dime.

Customer Service
Toll-Free: (888) 243-4522
Hours: MF, 9 a.m.7 p.m. Eastern
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Wink Make The Call!!!

First off, welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!! welcome.gif welcome.gif welcome.gif
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Then, do what Chuck said!!! Kimber's Customer Service Department is legendary for their work. They usually don't beef about when you bought the pistol. Their concern is that they make a customer happy with their product!! (Remember what he said about the after market parts, though!!)

One of our members, Chickadee, had an on-going problem with a pistol. She made the call, they arranged to have the gun shipped, they cured the problem and sent the pistol back. She is now as happy as can be with that same gun!!! I'm sure she will chime in here to confirm that, at some point!!

Just give the folks in Kimber Customer Service a chance to do what they do best!! Pretty sure you won't be disappointed!!! $1500 is a lot to spend on a gun. You should enjoy shooting it, not counting it's malfunctions!!!

I had a problem with my Pro Carry II. Calling Kimber Customer Service was the next step when I discovered the cause of the problem!! One defective Chip McCormick 8 round Shooting Star magazine was the culprit!! CMC made that right by shipping me two new magazines to replace the defective one. Then in my own twisted manner, I took care of said offending magazine!!!fear.giffear.giffear.gif

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I think that's gonna leave a mark!!!!
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Yes, I did have some chambering problems with my Super Carry Pro HD right out of the box. Called Kimber, they sent me a replacement recoil spring - didn't fix the problem.

2nd Call - They sent me a new Kimber magazine, didn't fix the problem

3rd Call - They sent a call tag for me to return the pistol to them. It came back in less than 3 weeks & has been flawless since!

They were polite & professional with every call.

My Super Carry is now my 2nd fav pistol & my home defense choice.

Give Kimber a chance to make your pistol perform as it was intended!
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Oh, I agree with my fellow members, give Kimber a call.
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