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Which Kimber Solo is best ? Or should I forget the Solo ?

I hope I'm not screwing up by getting a Kimber Solo.
With all the negative reviews and hatred going around, but I rented one and shot it at a local firing range and loved it. It was very safe feeling in my pocket (the guns for pocket carry), it shot pretty accurate for its size, I loved the trigger over other similiar guns, I like the way it looks, The one I rented never jammed and fed a variety of cheap ammo.

The two Solos I'm looking at are the Dual tone with Rosewood grips and the Solo DC.
Neither I want with the laser grips.
Should I take the plunge or is the gun a hit miss on being reliable. Is there a certain variation model that is better than others. I would hate to spend $700 or so and have to send it back to Yonkers.
What say the hive ???
I already own a Sig P938, Kahr CM9, Glock 43, and I just want a Double action trigger that is smooth, like the Solo seems to have.
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I have a STS Solo. I love it.
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I've always subscribed to the philosophy that the Solo the other guy owns is best. Ergo I stick with a 1911 frame.
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Welcome to KT from St Lou...

I had two of them and still have one that my father carries daily..They both had a minor tune-up at the factory in Yonkers and both came back shooting anything and everything I fed them..

Good luck...
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From what I've read on here and my own experience is they can be hit or miss. BUT if they have to go back to the mothership they usually come back running good for most people. My own experience, run only 124 and 147 grain ammo.

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I'll buy them, I'll sell them, but that's a lie.
...all that really counts is $$$

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois RockyRiver, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Your choice on the Solo, I own 13 Kimber's none of them are the Solo model.
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I'm pretty much decided that Im getting the Solo.
I will keep an eye on Gun Broker for a deal, unless someone here can steer me in the right direction on a good dealer and price.
I want a new production Kimber Solo and not one that's been sitting on the display shelf for years with all the gun stores customers pawing it and dry firing it till the cows come home.
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Originally Posted by RockyRiver View Post
I hope I'm not screwing up by getting a Kimber Solo.
Sadly, you are. I bought mine with high expectations, but it was one of the bad ones and had to be Yonkered immediately. Even if they fix it, you'll probably never trust it (I never gained any trust in it). Quite frankly, it is a poor design that even if working correctly if one of a half-dozen things go wrong, it will jam. That it has been poorly manufactured cannot be disputed.

But even on top of all that, there are numerous other micro pistols on the market which are all at least 5x better, not the least being the Glock 26, Walther PPS, M&P Shield, and CZ Rami -- all of which are 2/3rds or less as expensive as the Solo and much more reliable.

Yes, Solos are pretty. It would look neat on your desk encased in a big block of lucite for folks to ooh and ahh about. Otherwise, if you get a Solo, you'll need to cover it with grip tape, so that you can throw it at the perp when it jams.

Just the facts -- most reviewers don't even give the Solo "honorable mention" in "Top-10 Micros" articles. It is overpriced, over-hyped by Kimber, and generally sucks. If you want mine, PM me and I'll unload it on your for $500 (and I'll throw in the extra mags and VZ grips).
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