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Question Grips, grips, grips....

I was thinking about making this a poll. But a poll usually has one question. Here I have a couple.

Just like everyone has a "holster drawer"..... I'm sure most of us have a "Grip Drawer" too.....

1)How many sets of grips are in your "Grip Drawer"?

2)What is the $$$ value of that "Grip Drawer"?

Edited because it confused ME after I posted it....
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Hmm, interesting IDK. The holster drawer is kind of a dead zone, there are a few in there that still get used on occasion.

Don't have a grip drawer. More of a "Grip Box" finally had to do something with and organize the 1911 grips, so I was at Wally World and bought some Plano fishing tackle boxes, they contain brand new and take off 1911 grips. Without counting maybe 25 grip sets. I have one real Ivory full size set that I think was around $385alone, maybe couple hundred or so for all the rest.

I need boxes for at least a dozen revolver grip sets.
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1) I don't know, probably around 15-20 sets.

2) I don't want to know
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The only set of grips I have that aren't on a gun is a set of Crimson Trace that I took off my Custom Crimson Carry II.
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Old 01-29-2017, 10:16 AM   #5
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I'm odd in that I like the original grips on a gun. My preference is for wood grips on a blue or black frame. The only aftermarket grips that I can recall buying was a set of Pachmayrs for an S&W decades ago, because Pachmayr was all the rage. I never thought they looked very good, and didn't think they aided in gun handling. Eventually I took them off, and they sat in a drawer until the rubber became a little checked, and I threw them out.
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The only gun I've changed the grips on was my Eclipse Pro II. The original Eclipse grips are my only extras. I have been looking for a new set for my Diamond Ultra 9.
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sell the ones I don't like and buy new ones need to keep them.
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I think CA has to go through a FFL to purchase or exchange grips
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I like to change the stock grips on my guns, so I think I have a set of grips for almost every pistol and revolver I have. I never thought about it before, but now I understand why I keep finding wooden grips in my gear boxes and stashed in the closet and on shelves.

I also have a bunch of rifle stocks and shotgun stocks around here too.
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I've had three Pythons since 1979. The one I have now, the stock grips are worth more than what I paid for a new 4" Python back in 1979. That just not right.
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