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No permit Concealed Carry

I just heard on the news that a bill has been introduced in NC that would allow concealed carry without a permit.

I don't know how I feel about that. I saw some of the people in my CCP class. Some had never even shot a gun !! It kind of scares me that there would be folks out there carrying that are unsure of which end of the gun to point.

I also wonder how that would work when you travel to other states.

I have an appointment at the sheriff's department this coming Friday to get fingerprinted for my permit. I'm going to be pissed if I paid for the class and then paid for the permit only to find out soon I won't need to have done either.

So what are your thoughts on carrying without a permit.
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No worries Mike, go ahead and get your permit and you'll be legal in 30 some other states in the union.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Mike, I'm split on this subject. I believe in the 2nd amendment as it's written but was scared shitless when I saw some of the jokers in my class handling guns. Any money you invested in a carry class is well spent especially if they covered the laws about when you can and can't use a gun.
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Welcome to KT from St Lou...

My state, Missouri just did the same thing at the beginning of the year also..

My feelings are that I spent 8 hours in class and learned valuable laws about concealed carry that those who choose not to take the course are missing out on....Without your permit you are stuck inside your state carrying your edc, so go for it and soak up everything that you can in class...

Good luck..
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I'm with Chuck and Marshall. Get the permit, it's the right thing to do
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Every one has given good advice. The only thing I will add is that if you have to use your handgun it is possible that a card carrying license holder would be looked upon in a court of law with more respect.
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You don't want to be one of "Those" peeps. Get the permit, be legal in most other states.
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Originally Posted by NCMike View Post
So what are your thoughts on carrying without a permit.
I'm torn. I'm against the sheriffs who make a citizen jump through hoops to get a permit, or even refuse to issue permits. On the other hand, some of our fellow citizens are nitwits. And some are decent, intelligent people, who just need a little help before they can be safe and sensible with a gun.
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My two cents is get the permit and take care of yourself in this matter. This forum is loaded with decent law abiding good people and I've found time and time again members giving solid advice on how to protect ourselves and enjoy being a responsible member of our society. We all enjoy our weapons, ammo holsters and gear and share so many excellent ideas. Jump through the so called hoops and don't look back. Your proving your a sensible responsible and thoughtful gun owner. I'm very satisfied with having joined this forum and the exchanges we engage in, the most important is looking after each other. IMO
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In Pennsylvania you need to go to the sheriffs department to apply for a carry permit, no class is required. I personally have no issues with taking a class and have takin many on my own. I have mixed feelings also because PA has over a million CCW permit holders and I never hear much about shooting incidents because of lack of experience. If you can go and purchase a gun what's going to stop you from carrying that gun. It's legal to open carry in public without a permit unless your in a vehicle. If your going to make people take a class then it should be done before you can buy a gun in the first place. Who wants that ? There are a lot of states that allow people to sell handguns without a transfer at an FFL and a lot of people would be pissed if they had to pay a transfer fee. Is that a good policy ? I bet that's how more guns get into criminals hands. Are criminals required to take this class ? Oh wait that's why they call them criminals.
We always talk about law abiding citizens getting there rights taken away and criminals are never going to follow these laws. Isn't this the same thing ?

If I had to take a class to today for my carry permit I wouldn't really be upset but there's nothing in the 2nd Amendment regarding classes to carry and I hate giving up any of our freedoms because every time you give a little, gun grabbers want to take more. So yes, I have mixed feelings.
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