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Freedom Munitions

Took my SIS ultra out the other day with some Freedom Munitions remanufactured .45 ammo. Malfunction city: every 2 or 3 rds the brass would eject but not pick up a fresh round from the mag. I tried a couple of different mags, and that did not remedy the problem.

Has anyone had this problem?
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Did you try some other ammo to see if the problem persisted?

I was having feed/battery/ejection problems with my CCCII, but after changing the springs the problems went away. My CCCII had about 1,600 rounds through it. Just something to consider.
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Oh Wow!! Has anyone else had problems with Freedom Munitions 45 ammo? I was thinking about ordering some of it. Was that the RN 230 grain that was giving you trouble? Do you have a polished feed ramp? Were all your clips made by the same company?

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I have shot well over 10,000 rounds of Freedom Munitions reloads and have another 3,000 sitting in my ammo locker. I've done this over the past couple of years using 4 Kimbers and never had a problem like that. 80% of my 30 magazines (yes I recently bought more) are KimPro Tac-Mags.
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Ditto on what Chuck said..
I'm close to 10K rounds also and in a variety of calibers through many firearms..
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Good, thanks for the feedback.

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No issue from FM ammo. Thousands of rounds … no better or worse than anything else.
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I just started using them....about 1500 rounds through the Stainless II...seem to be ok.
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Same here, .380, 9mm, .40, .45 and .223. Freedom is all I shoot for target. Even in my Solo.
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Cool Hmmmm!!

Sounds to me like you have eliminated the magazine from the equation. That leaves two possible issues. Either your pistol needs a serious cleaning or you have a weak recoil spring. If your pistol is clean, well, you pretty much have your answer. Replace the recoil spring or give the miracle workers at Kimber Customer Service a call. These guys have achieved near legendary status for their skill at getting problem pistols to perform up to customer expectations!!

You can follow my advice and hope that I am right about the spring or put your trust in the Kimber Wizards. BTW, the Wizards work cheap!!!
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