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Kimber stock magazine follower replacement

I've read a number of threads on the interwebs where users described scuffing on the feed ramp caused by the Kimber metal follower on aluminum-framed 1911s. Anyone have a similar experience, and if so, a recommendation/experience changing out the split metal follower on the stock Kimber mag?
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I haven't had a single problem with any of my aluminum frame Kimbers. If 1/10th of the problems posted on the internet about Kimbers were true I'd have a safe full of boat anchors and this forum wouldn't exist.
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I'm with Chuck, no problem here either and I have a lot of Kimber's and a lot of magazines.
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Thanks, gents, for the replies. I actually had a user on another forum reply to my question a while back about Kimbers mentioning that, which prompted my doing some searches. Obviously his remark didn't dissuade me from getting one.
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I have 2 Kimbers of which are aluminum frames and zero markings from Kimber mags,Wilson Combat Mags and Metalform.I can't see how it would scuff the feed ramp when both of mine have the feed ramp built into the barrel and the barrel is stainless steel.
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I have two aluminum framed Kimbers and have had no issues at all with magazines causing marks on the feed ramp, which incidentally is made of stainless steel. I use Kimber factory and CMC magazines in mine. NO PROBLEM-O!!

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Good to know, I hear that nonsense all the time.
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My current practice is to use only Wilson mags in my 1911's, but I have never had a scuffed ramp.
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