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Sneaky Pete Holsters

Sneaky Pete Holsters

Check it out!!!


Kimber Concealed Carry Holsters
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I'm just not into them. If I was going to carry on a belt, I would just use a holster. As far as I can tell, the Sneaky Pete adds another element into the drawing process. Guess it's nice if you want to open carry without really open carrying. I was looking at their cell phone holster and same thing, have to flip the top to get access to slide the phone out and doesn't hold much besides the phone.

Have you had experience with it? Good/bad? My husband owns one but pretty sure he never used it along with a good 15-20 other holsters being stored in a box in the back of the closet!
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Might as well use a good OWB instead. Sneaky Pete screams gun anyways like a fanny pack on a guy.

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Thought about buying one but decided against it because it seemed to large to be hanging off my side.
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Originally Posted by Albert.Cairns View Post
Might as well use a good OWB instead. Sneaky Pete screams gun anyways like a fanny pack on a guy.
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My thoughts exactly
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I saw some of these at a gun show table. Seemed big, bulky...slow. Not very "sneaky" can spot them a mile away. But I guess if you're are used to carrying your phone this way it could work for you. TEHO.

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I've been working with criminals for 40 years, and trust me, fanny packs, Sneaky Pete holsters, and tactical pants do not "scream gun" to anyone but gun writers and the "tacticool" crowd. Criminals are stupid and have very short term thinking. The holsters may fit a need, I have a friend who uses one. If ya don't like em don't use em. If ya do, go ahead. Of course, the gun writers will tell you you will be the first one shot in a robbery, and that's true, if the robbery is in a movie.
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I bought one thinking I could where it like open carry but still be concealed, wrong! When it came in the mail I was shocked at how big it was, (for micro .380). For some reason I thought they looked smaller in the photo's. Went straight to the closet, didn't even put it on.
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Hey, DGM.
I have one that I actually use frequently. Mostly, it's for my commute, but I sometimes wear it as I go about my business. I dress professionally, in black, so the SP does not look at all out of place. Cops, hobos, high-end security--no one notices.
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Wink Not For Me!

I have tried sub-compact pistols twice and found that my giant meat hook hands are just too big for them. I had a Taurus 740 Slim and a Ruger LCP. Both were so small that it felt like I was scratching my palm with my trigger finger before I could pull the trigger far enough back to discharge those mini guns. Totally uncomfortable and inaccurate as hell, to boot!! Not for me!!

If I can't use the sub-compact pistols, the Sneaky Pete holster for those types of firearms is pretty much a useless item. I have enough "perfect holsters" in my holster box in the closet now. I don't need a Sneaky Pete to add to it!!
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