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Danger at home while cleaning pistols

Well, I had my first accidental discharge yesterday.

I was being very careful. Was on my last gun of 4 to be cleaned.

I'd been at it for about an hour.

Had the patches out, my Hoppe's oil and bore cleaner in the mix.

Lubed the barrel, dropped it in the slide.

Grabbed the recoil assembly, fed the rod and spring into the front of the slide. With my fingers still saturated in lube, went to seat the flat part against the barrel lug and


The recoil assembly popped back out and blasted my Hoppes bore cleaner bottle.

Now it wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have put the lid back on first.

But on a good side, my small container of hand tools is really clean.
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Been there. Took half an hour to find the guide rod. 1 in a million shot right down the cold air vent.

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I found this little dish at a swap meet or yard sale possibly at a restaurant do not remember for sure. The dish is 3.5" X 1.75" it is low and heavy very hard to spill. I dip my patches in there. Keep big bottle closed. I found the Hoppes #9 16 oz. bottle at the swap meet.
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Danger at home while cleaning pistols

Canít tell ya how many dimples are in my dining room ceiling, how many times I pinged the mirror over the fireplace or lost tiny springs in the fireplace. Ya learn after awhile.
Get a big ziplock freezer bag if you feel youíll pop an eye out. At least everything will remain in the bag.

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You're going to put your eye out.
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In my defense:

It was one in more than a dozen times.

I don't normally do 4 pistols at once.

My fingers were extremely well oiled and it just slipped.

I do mine flat on a table. It'll go left or right but never up.

Plus I have stuff all around the work area so it won't go too far.

Great in theory, right?
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I've had a few Unidentified Flying Objects buzz over my workbench a time or two myself. Never knocked anything over but I loaded my pants one time when it put out a florescent tube in the light fixture over my bench and it showered down on me.
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I will never forget taking apart my first 5" 1911. I watched a few videos and said to myself, "I got this"

I was at the dining room table and as I turned the barrel wrench the guide rod plug flew out like a brother leaving a klan bar. It hit the patio window first and then hit the ceiling fan above me before landing near GiGi who was sitting on the sofa in the living room. To say that I almost sharted would be an understatement. To this day I haven't a clue how the patio window didn't get shattered.

Live and learn Bish, live and learn.

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Several years ago I hit the ceiling with the recoil spring from the 5" Springfield Armory I owned (more than once); I believe that gun was harder than the Kimbers for some reason.
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When I clean my Colt 45 I am very very cautious. Glad you didn't get injured in the blast off.
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