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What's your favorite place to shoot?

I have shot in indoor ranges, outdoor ranges, behind gun shops, just out in the woods and in places I shouldn't mention. But my favorite is in a old gravel quarry where I could shoot anything I could bring with me or was already there. I love to shoot appliances, old cars and drums when I don't care about scores. What about you ladies and gents?
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I don't have a favorite place to shoot. I have to accept the ranges that are available within a reasonable driving distance.
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I have a couple indoor ranges I frequent in the winter. My favorite though is the backyard and my steel plates.
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I have a couple of pieces of private property that I can shoot on from time to time. But my favorite is the local range run by the DNR in Kanawha State Forest. The range is 100 yrds, has a covered shooting line and fixed benches. It's open to the public 7 days a week. I've been going there since the '70s.
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I belong to a private club. It has a range that goes to 250 yards.

I bring my own steel plates: Arntzen Targets, a Texas Star, a Dueling tree, and stand that holds cardboard targets.

Itís rarely busy or crowded. Itís about 24 minutes from my house. I go once or twice a week.

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Living in the area I do I have to use an indoor range. There is three nice indoor ranges within fifteen minutes from my home so it is my pick.
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I shoot outdoors, and NEVER shoot at appliances, glass, or anything that I can't pick up and haul away. If some other yahoo leaves their trash out there, I pick up what I can, and haul it away, too.

Every time I go out, I leave nature a little cleaner than when I found her. If just one of you will do the same, and you can convince someone else to join us, then eventually we can return the wilderness to its pristine state.
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Favorite place to shoot? Ah hmm. The head?
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Originally Posted by Mike240 View Post
Favorite place to shoot? Ah hmm. The head?
That could get messy. 🤣
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My buddy owns Brazos River Sportsman’s Club, and our club https://www.rdpclub.com/ has its own bays for 2 & 3 gun shooting/
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