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How many of you carry a backup for EDC.

I have talked to other shooters that carry a backup and a EDC. Was wondering what people on here thought or if you have a backup. Would like to know pros and cons.
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Nope. I think of the gun as a backup to other defensive skills. Carrying a backup to a backup seems a little excessive.
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I carried a BUG in an ankle holster for years, but gave it up when I retired. With all the stuff that's been going on lately, I've started again.

Seems to me that it is a good way to buy time. Time is your friend.
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I carry a Glock 19 with spare mag. Don't see the need for a BUG. (31 rnds) Always carry a 4" blade however, that is my back up.
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Like the "kid"....When I carry a backup, it's a knife.
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I don’t see any cons in carrying a BUG but I don’t.
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Only when I was on duty. Nowadays I don’t, the laws are much different now and my first line of defense is my legs, Kimber is my backup.
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My EDC is an Ultra Tactical .45 in an OWB pancake holster. When the cold weather hits us and I'm wearing a heavy parka I put a Sig P938 SAS in a pocket holster in the parka's pocket. The Sig is there to buy me time to dig out the Ultra Tactical otherwise no, I don't carry a BUG.
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Chuck, you made a good point. I carry a ultra also, with a carhartt coat. Me being disabled it would be hard to unzipper or lift it up. Also have a 938 sas . You got me thinking.
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