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brother oh brother!

My brother found another deal. Purchased a 686 4" condition better than 95%. The original owner pulled the grips and stored them in the original box. My brother said they are perfect.


Everything for $350.00
I am only telling you the price because it was such a bargain not trying to be rude. If I did not already own one I would be beating my brother up trying to talk him out of it!

Where freedom dwells is my country!

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If you don’t want it Beat him up for and talk him out of it for me then
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Thanks! John
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Old 12-02-2017, 12:11 PM   #4
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That's a great price anywhere, but that's a steal in the Golden State for sure. Congrats to your brother Tom.
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Nice find. Would be nice to have one..
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Congratulations Tom, that was an excellent deal.
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Wow, your brother is surely a gun deal whisperer. Send him my way sometime!
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thats what i paid for mine 30 years ago.
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I agree with Marshall, that's a great deal any town U.S.A.
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I have kicked my a$$ up one side and down the other for ever selling my 6" 686.
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