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Adjustable rear sights, and using red dot style optics in your Kimber.

I picked up a Trijicon and a Leopold, when I find them on sale for a price I couldn't pass up. I originally bought them with the intention of mounting one on the Glock and the other on one of my AR's. However, my new to me (used) Kimber Eclipse shoots really high. I'm talking four inches high at 7 yards! I've used the search tool and found a few threads regarding high shooting Kimbers. My Eclipse has an adjustable rear sight, and I haven't fiddled with it yet. My last two trips to the range had to be short ones, so I used my limited time shooting it instead of figuring out if the rear sight is the cause. I think they are stock sights but I could be wrong. Either way, I'm not a big fan of the look, and the idea of adjustable sights on a handgun, especially after seeing it shoot so high. I'm not a competition shooter, and I just don't see myself adjusting the sights to compensate for distance. This got me thinking of replacing them with one of my RMR's, which appears to be a little more involved than I originally assumed, at least more than mounting it on a Glock.

What do you guys think about adjustable sights on a 1911? Useful for the common shooter? Besides my rear sights being out of adjustment, what else could cause my Eclipse to be so off? Wrong front sight size? Can the barrel possibly be sitting of angle? Also, has anybody mounted a red dot or RMR type optic on their Kimber, or any handgun for that matter? If so what type, how do you like it, and what method did you use to mount it? Drill and tap your slide, or use the dovetail notch? I'll post a picture of the rear sight that came with Eclipse and maybe someone will be able to tell me if it's original, and maybe the age of the gun itself.

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So as I understand your question-your gun doesn't shoot to point of aim, you have adjustable sights, you aven't adjusted the sights, and you want to replace them?

A high front site will cause you to shoot low.

Before you monkey around with replacing anything, adjust the rear sight. That's the whole point of adjustable sights. Everyone is different, and the sights do not come perfectly set for every shooter.

Also, shoot from a rest to dial it in.

Finally, red dots or reflex sights on a Kimber is an abomination.
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