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Never ceases to amaze me!

Well I had some free time this afternoon so I rationed some ammo out (4 mags.)and set up target in the back yard.I fired two mags at 7 yds,and two mags at 10 yds.Oh yeah,almost forgot.I have a Super Carry Custom HD.Anyways,I can't get over the accuracy of this weapon.With the exception of three shots(operator error)everything was within a six inch diameter(estimated).I've had this gun for over a year,but it never ceases to amaze me.I'm not that good,so it must be the weapon.I would have liked to shot more but I am fanatical about rationing until the ammo crisis is over.
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I feel the same way about my SIS Custom. I also love the genuis that is JMB. Such as, I went ahead and used a .45 spent brass as a recoil spring plug, a lot of people don't know you can. I did fit mine with a couple of strokes with a file, and it looks unique under the barrel...brass with .45 AUTO staring at you.
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I also love my Super Carry Custom HD. I have owned a couple dozen pistols over the years, and not one has ever performed as well at the range in my hands as this one. Do you carry yours?
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Yes,I carry that or my Sig.
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