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get rid of the ads!

I think all the ads in Kimber talk is making our forum look like a harbor freight ad. As in looks low rent.
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It would be nice if they would try to sell something more than zero people are interested in.

Really has anyone wanted to purchase anything they have posted about to this date? Not me!
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I think if they can't be stopped, they should be limited to one new listing/topic per day but I believe it's just a bot and they're creating the same posts on several different forums.
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Originally Posted by DaVinci View Post
I think if they can't be stopped, they should be limited to one new listing/topic per day but I believe it's just a bot and they're creating the same posts on several different forums.
They are on other gun forums with the exact same posts as here.
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One of the criteria of being a vendor is you have to be a human and not a spam bot according to this link....

Kimber Forum - Advertise
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there is a rate thread button
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Originally Posted by Shootinit View Post
there is a rate thread button
They could care less about ratings. They're interested in how many views they get. This apps47inc has only been here for a few days and gets plenty of clicks on its threads.
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Hello! The people running these ads are paying money to advertise here. The money they pay keeps the forum that you enjoy participating on up and running. It's simple, if you don't like them then don't open and read them.
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Well, guys, there's an odd dimension to this type of trade.

For almost thirty years I was credit manager. And part of my job was to rate the new clients and then "Vito" and I would gather up the late payments. I carried a Detonics in those days--and there were only two types of bathrooms in those days, men's and ladies.'

I turned fifty and needed a change. That's why you know me as a knife polisher. But I also sell knives. And like it or not, I'm a "salesman." I became the guy I used to hunt down.

Chuck suggested that I offer some top-shelf knives to our members. I've resisted the idea because of the flak you guys have listed here--and with good reason. We all know a guy who goes out and gets his real estate license, and then goes to every family event and hands out business cards. I don't want to be that guy.

I just take a member's knife, slip it into the rotation, and over several days it gets worked on. My wife collects the check, and the member gets a polished knife. I feel this is the best way to be a member.

I think the rub comes when a guy who isn't a member--but a legitimate advertiser--comes here where most of us view the forum as a fun hobby.

But the bills will come due, and then what? Here I have some experience. I was a member of the Ann Coulter forum, known as ACOC. One day a moderator posted that viewership was down and the forum was hemorrhaging debt. Two weeks later it shut down with no warning.

This salesman gets to post, he bought that right. If it has no interest for you, skip over merchandise.
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What if all the current active members sponsored their own favorite thread? Kind of like adopting a highway. $100 would cover each adoption and for your sponsorship your name would be showing at the beginning of each title. I'll sponsor the Solo thread. Where do I send my check?
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