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cleaning the exterior

What does everyone use to clean the outside finish of your guns? I know they are tools and will wear, but what do you use to clean finger prints, grime, gsr?
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Hoppes #9

What else is there?
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One of those silicone infused rags, mine are yellow.
Looks like now they come in grey.
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After I clean with Hoppe's , I spray RemOil ( silicon infused ) on a cloth and wipe down. I lube with Ballistol.
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I keep a cotton cloth (old Tshirts work great) I fold up the cloth put it in a ziploc bag and liberally spray with gun oil or pour gun oil on it. I have one inside my safe so if I handle any guns or rifles I wipe them down. The thought of leaving a print to turn to rust is a real fear of mine. Some think just because there is an oil film on there it cannot rust. Your body oils can penetrate the gun oil and leave a very nice rusty print behind if not wiped down after handling.
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I use these silicon clothes made by Kleen-bore and a touch of oil. Eventually the rag will soak up enough oil and then you can just use the rag to wipe down the gun.
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I have a ton of shop rags that I use in the garage and my workshop, I keep a couple of semi oily ones handy for wiping my guns down.

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A silicone cloth after cleaning then wipe off the excess with a clean cotton cloth (old t shirt). It leaves a thin coating of oil on the gun.
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Silicone cloth. Keep one in my range bag.
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Shop cloth, but every 6 months or so I given them a thorough cleaning, and coat them with Ren-Wax. Rifles, I hit the wood furniture with Johnson's paste wax.
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