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The Enemy Within

Fellow Kimber owners. It never hurts to know the type of people in charge of the companies that you give your money too. Ryan Busse, Vice President of Sales at Kimber is someone you should get to know. A simple google search will reveal that Ryan has long supported democrats that want to take away our 2nd amendment rights. The attached post from Ryans wife gives you a look at how the Busse house feels about the National Rifle Association. And I get the latest issue of American Rifleman Magazine this week, and Kimber Rifles make the cover. It shows what kind of hypocrisy, and treachery some people are capable of. I personally have purchased my last Kimber product until I'm sure that my money is not funding the lifestyle of someone that I am fundamentally at odds with.
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While you are at it. Look up Leslie Edelman....

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Never can understand why a lot of gun manufacturers are in gun hostile states!!
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First of all, we have no knowledge about the veracity of "kimbersolo" or that supposed post. His first post is garbage.

Fake news? Is he a Russian? Is he spreading lies.

Kimber spends big money supporting the NRA. That's a fact. Spreading around garbage like this is revolting.

Second, so what if someone is, in fact, a Democrat? Democrats are Americans too, and plenty of them support gun rights and like to shoot. This whole politics of identity is crap. I'd rather there be gun loving Democrats.
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I don't believe anything a Solo owner says. (Dem or Rep)
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I don't believe anything a demoncrat says.
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Awesome first post. Way to ease yourself gently into the forum. I could be wrong but I'm pretty confident Kimber's executives aren't out there bashing the NRA.

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Originally Posted by OLE442 View Post
Never can understand why a lot of gun manufacturers are in gun hostile states!!
Probably because many are very old companies and those states weren't always hostile towards guns.
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Welcome to KT and you picked one heck of a username if you're looking for attention.

Just a couple of observations though. Many here on KT don't belong to Facebook so they wouldn't have a clue what that little logo is right under her name. It means that you are either friends with her on FB or know someone who is and they sent you this otherwise there would be a globe instead which means it's a "Public" post. I looked on her page and the screenshot that you posted isn't there because I don't have access to it because we're not FB friends.

This is why many people hate social media. Any lame keyboard commando can go online in their parents basement and make statements without having any proof to back it up. They post shit like this because they know that they won't get a response from the person that they are talking about because they don't even know about it and can't defend themselves.

If you want to be a member here on KT we will welcome you with open arms. If you just want to try and trash someone's character then this isn't the place to do it and never will be.

My suggestion, call or email Ryan Busse and have a chat with him like real men and women do. Tell him what your issues are and not us because personally I don't give a rats ass what you think.

His number at the Kimber Montana location is 406-758-2222.
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I don’t believe cuckoo kid!
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