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Just joined NRA.

I’ve never been a member in the past,been on the fence last few years and just became a 5 year member. Florida Governor just signed another one of those do nothing, feel good gun laws, and it infuriated me no end. How is raising the age to 21 to buy a long gun, creating a 3 day waiting period to take possession of it going to stop “the next school massacre “? What a dump ass knee jerk purely politically correct bunch of shiiiiiiiiit. OK, I’m done.
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Welcome to the club. Now go out and get some friends of yours to join. We need every gun owner to be a member.

The NRA has about 5 million members, but over 25 million people say they are members.....if they all actually joined, things would be better.
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Great news Skip, more then ever we need a strong membership to fight what seems to be a never ending battle. I think I joined in the 60's and have been upping my membership level when I can. I'm at the Patriot Life Endowment Level and proud of it.
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Old 03-10-2018, 08:12 AM   #4
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Just went up to Benefactor level a month ago; maybe they'll leave me alone now. (Not really).
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NRA Benefactor member, Grass Roots North Carolina member, Lifelong Deplorable.
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Old 03-10-2018, 10:33 AM   #5
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Welcome Wingnut

Later on I will show you the secret handshake.
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Been a member for sometime I cannot remember the year I joined but my membership is paid until 2029. Some say the NRA does not do enough. I am not one of those. The gun owners do not do enough. I think to some owning a gun is enough support. But not in todays changing culture. We need more people to join also to be outspoken about gunrights. So many gun owners in California and there are a lot of them afraid to even admit they own a gun.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the forum from S. Florida...Yeah, the governor is an A**...I am waiting to see if he runs for congress...He is not getting my vote...
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Get ready for lots of emails
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Why is it that nobody is calling to raise the voting age to 21 ? If you’re not mature enough to buy a gun what makes them mature enough to vote? Bet we’re never going to hear that from the Libs.
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