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What Made You Buy Your First Kimber ?

What made you pull the trigger on purchasing your first Kimber? After you purchased your first, what made you come back for more? Was it Style? Reputation? Cost? Quality? Friend Referral? Theres no right or wrong answer just thought it would be interesting.

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I will start. I finally made up my mind to go purchase a Colt 45 1911 I had been wanting as long as I could remember. I didn't have a single gun in my home at this time. My son went with me and we stopped at the first shop down from my office, that had been there since I was a child. The people would not talk to me or show me a single gun. We went to the second shop pulled up and my son pointed to the Kimber sign and said dad that's what you should get right there. I told him I didn't want a Generic gun I wanted a Colt 45. The only Colt 1911 they had was a 10mm which I almost purchased but I was afraid of ammo cost. My son again said I should look at the Kimber. I ask the clerk if they where good guns and he assured me they where. I ask to see the black PCII and it felt perfect in my hand and you could tell the quality just looking at it and touching it. So I got it. I had no clue as to what I was getting, had not check a single review or anything else.

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Had revolvers and 9mm autos all my life and always wanted a 1911. Did my research (web, reviews, youtube) then went shopping. Was interested in the Kimber Ultra Carry 2, but once I held the Eclipse Ultra 2 I knew I had a new carry gun. It's heavier, but the added weight really shines when shooting, very quick second shots on target. All I can say is I fell in love with Kimber. Just picked up the Micro Carry in Feb. I love the little thing, extremely reliable and accurate. Final note, for the price you couldn't ask for better quality and finish then Kimber.
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Mine was a PCII 9mm and a friend had a used one to sell for $600..
I went over to his house and it was just gorgeous and even mentioned that it hardly looked like it had many rounds through it and I bought it..
The next day he called me after he sobered up and said that he had sold me the wrong gun and explained that he had bought a new one and wanted to sell the older one..
I told him I would bring it back over to exchange but he said it was his fault and a deal was a deal and the only reason he called was so we could correct the serial numbers on the bill of sale..
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I told you guys this would be interesting, so far we have a man buy one that had no clue what he was doing, a man that did all the research and did it the right way, and a man that took advantage of a drunk friend....

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Was looking for my first .45, as my home defense pistol. Wanted something reliable, attractive & comfortable for me to shoot. Handled a lot of pistols & rented a few too. Husband had started steering me towards 1911's. I visited a Cabella's where they had a Super Carry Pro HD. It fit my hand so well I just couldn't put it down, so it went home with me.
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Sweetie and I were checking out a new gun club, just wasting some Saturday afternoon time. We were looking at all the guns. We got to the Kimber case and Sweetie asked to see a Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II. She thought the Crimson Trace laser was cool. They had a second one in the case. I asked to see it. Yep, the laser seemed cool and the gun felt really good in my hand. I'd never held/shot a 1911 before. Sweetie says, "Let's get them." Are you kidding, I asked. She said no. That is how it started.

Larry now owns Sweeties nearly unused CCCII. I now have three Kimbers. They still feel wonderful in my hand. There is no gun on earth like a 1911. Kimber makes a good valued 1911, IMO.
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I am not going to lie, one thing that made me want to buy more Kimbers was other people would see my first one and say wow must be nice to have such a beautiful gun. Its hard to go backwards as my wife tells me, once the bar is set, its there. lol As I started getting more I would take them to the range and people would be like, How many Kimbers do you have? So realizing I had a problem I join the Kimber Forum to get help for my addiction. What a dumb ass I was. You people think we should all own every Kimber ever made and pre order the ones they are just thinking making.

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I rented a Kimber before I bought one and really liked it. My first was a Stainless Pro Carry II. I have been pleased with all of mine. I do have a Colt which I am happy but Kimber has such gorgeous models one is never enough. I am thinking about a Tactical Pro next.
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I have always associated Kimber with quality. I was not disappointed. I have found that any pistol carried daily gets a worn look, and if that can be avoided then so much the better. My Stainless II, still looks like new, and it was a hell of a bargain. I'd buy it again.
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