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As I have gotten older and reached the point where I need bifocals to see, sighting a gun can be a real challenge. I was originally going to buy a Pro Crimson Carry just for the laser, but just couldn't resist a SS Pro TLE instead.

I'm headed to the range this next weekend and hope the meprolight's will help, otherwise I may be looking to fit my TLE with a laser.

How do the rest of you with bifocals cope ?
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Get progressive trifocals. It's what I did. Told my Dr what I needed to be able to do and viola!

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I've been wearing them for 20 years and it's a pain, that once clear front sight is no more. I tried going the laser route but I shot worse with it so I gave it to my son who has perfect eyesight. He said after 3 range trips he took the CT grips off the gun, he shot smaller groups without them but thanked me for the gun.
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I have often wondered as I age will the sights start getting harder to see since I'm near sighted??
Without my contacts or glasses I can barely make out the people on the TV screen..
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I've got progressive lenses and I have no problems. I agree with discussing it with your eye doctor, he can come up with a solution.

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Progressives here too, only way to go. Old eyes here too. It's called front site sindrom.
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I use shooting glasses with a reading glass insert. For me the 1.25 power lenses bring the front sight in focus at arms length. These inserts mount on the nose piece so I cut off the right plastic lens (I shoot left handed). It works well until I take them off. Then my eyes weird out for a little bit readjusting to the same focal plane. My progressive glasses didn't work as well for me. But I also didn't have them made for shooting. I'll follow up with a link to the shooting glasses and inserts.

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Here s the link on Amazon to the shooting glasses with inserts.

Amazon Amazon

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Wink My 2 Cents Worth!!

I have plain old every day bifocals. They do not bother me at all when shooting. I acquire my target with the upper part of the lens. Once I'm on the target I shift down to the lower part of the lens and fine tune my sight alignment. Then I press the "go switch" and viola....bullseye city!!

I find that the same technique works at the range or out hunting. Maybe it's just cause I'm a simple minded ex-Lineman, but I do not have any difficulty with that system. I can outshoot nearly all of my competition and the best of them on good days, when competing in matches. In addition, I bring home the venison and turkey when I'm hunting. No venomous snake, armadillo or coyote has ever lived to say they met me. Something must be working right for me and my poor eyes.

BTW, I have tried progressive lenses and they worked okay for me, but the traditional bifocals never bothered me. So I figured that it was not worth the extra cost. Plano bifocals work fine here!!! Maybe it's the fresh clean Georgia air!! I could be wrong........
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