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Old 05-07-2015, 09:39 PM   #1
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Solo or a 1911

I know this is an apples and oranges question, but I have an opportunity to get a credit on a defective Solo and pay the difference to get any Kimber pistol. What would you do? And if its get a different pistol what would it be. I guess the question is, whats your favorite Kimber and why? Last question, do most Kimber 1911s parts interchange with other 1911s - trigger, hammer, extractor, etc?
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There's a couple things to consider, What are you using the gun for? EDC? Range? What kind of budget? Things like that.

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I agree with Zoomy, if it's going to be your EDC I would lean to the Ultra Line (to many great models to list) or go the full 5" big dog. It's up to your taste and usage.
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Old 05-08-2015, 10:29 AM   #4
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I would want it to be a dual carry/shooter. Meaning I put allot of bullets down range (thanks to dillon). Even though the Kimber is a great looking gun, I really don't care about looks. More about function, reliability, accuracy. I guess I want the least expensive concealable piece they offer. I guess I could go down to a 9 as I don't have a full size 9 - other than a mac 10 sub gun, but that doesnt carry very well - lol. I've got 5 45's glock, colts, para. They all eat anything on the plate, which is requirement number one.
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HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh your serious! NO SOLO! IMO almost any Ultra or Pro model would make a great EDC/range pistol. Depends what features you want/need and budget. Laser? Night sights? Both?
CDP, Stainless Raptor, Master Carry, Super Carry any of these in Ultra or Pro.

A nice model that is not flashy is a Super Carry Pro HD, if budget allows.
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Take a look at the Tactical II models, I think they are the best value that Kimber has to offer. The Ultra and Custom only come in .45 but the Pro comes in both the 9mm and .45.
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Cool My 2 Cents Worth!!


As long as you have asked me to spend your money, I choose for you the Stainless Pro Raptor II. Why? Well, that's easy. It just happens to be the very best looking pistol that Kimber makes. In addition, with the stainless finish, you don't need to worry about carry wear.

The Stainless Pro Raptor is similar to Hallmark Cards... "When you care enough to shoot a home invader with the very best!!'' With apologies to the Hall family, in Kansas City!!!
Kimber Stainless Pro Raptor II.png Raptor.jpg

It doesn't bother me at all to spend your money like a drunken sailor!!! Take my 2 cents worth of advice and become a Raptor Man!! I'm just sayin'................!!!
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