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The reloading bench

In another post I stated how filthy I found my Eclipse 10mm was when I returned from the Gun Range. Also that I had experienced a slow moving slide while shooting. The culprit may be unburnt powder. I have been doing some reading on the powder I use for my 10mm (#9 Accurate) Seems it is a good powder for 10mm if you want to run max loads. When you load down for target practice. In my case I was trying to replicate 1150 fps per second. A lot of 180 grain 10mm is loaded that way from the factory. It leaves a lot of unburnt powder. That is what I found in my Eclipse a lot of rich black gunk created by the unburnt powderh mixing with any lubricants I was using made a sludge of sorts and slowed down the slide. Now I do not want to take the last 30 handloads I have left and use them because it was a pain to clean. So the next range visit will be with some Factory stuff I have to make sure everything is running fine. I will tear down the thirty reloads I have left and reload them with another powder. Power pistol and Tite grroup are two I am considering If anyone has another suggestion I am listening.
One other factoid I found puzzling to me was when I tore down my pistol for cleaning and inspection the inside of the barrel was very clean. Thus I deduced that was because I was shooting FMJ bullets.What do you all think am I on the right track? I have been reloading for only a couple three years so there is a ton of learning still ahead for me!

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Short barrels should like faster burning powder.
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