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Shooting in Tennesee

Not sure which dislike more the shooting it self or the way it is being reported here in California. Some commie _ _ _ _ running for office of some sort is using a shooting as her platform and the other woman in the woman endorsing her a both have these smiles on their face I don't know just something wrong about the victims of these shootings being exploited for political gain of others just does not feel right I wanna puke when see this crap.
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The interim mayor in Nashville is using this shooting to rant about gun control as he runs in the election to choose a new mayor next month. Immediately after the shooting, in a press conference he started his whine about coming together to stop these killings by stopping these "weapons of mass destruction" (AR-15s). No mention of the 2 or 3 murders each night at the J.C. Napier housing projects by hand guns. I guess he's cool with that.
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I think they should ban sawed off shotguns. If they were illegal, this kind of stuff wouldn't know like with AR-15s.

For those who may not know me, I have bouts of sarcastic outburst.
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I firmly believe somthing needs to be done, why don't we start with the position that if your child has emotional issues or mental health issues, you don't reward them with semi auto weapons.
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At least in Tennessee, Waffle House is a "Gun Free Zone."

I CC in the Waffle House about 6 miles from my house, because it has been robbed several times and other crimes to.
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I believe the gun free zone crap is corporate. We used to eat breakfast at a WH a mile down the road from the Raleigh gun show; it was always full on gun show days. We switched to Cracker Barrel. Wonder how WH is making out with that move?
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The most frustrating thing is that not 2 minutes earlier in the press conference before the mayor waited a whole 2 sentences before politicizing the event, the police stated that his FOID in IL had been revoked and his weapons had been seized. The FBI and Secret Service were involved. His weapons had been returned to his father who gave them back to him. If the government had drones its job, he wouldn’t have had those guns. Please do what you’re supposed to do and keep your gun control stuff quiet!
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I copied this (along with his disclaimer ) from a law forum. I added highlighting color. The lawyer posting is a respected lawyer in the area:

Jonathan Blake Friedlander
Not yet reviewed
Criminal Defense Attorney | Mobile, AL
Reveal number
Posted on Apr 27, 2017
In Alabama, you may legally carry a concealed pistol in most locations---including shopping malls and other businesses---if you have a pistol permit. Even if the mall has signs purporting to make it a "gun free zone" or otherwise prohibiting firearms, such signs have no legal effect unless the business also continually posts guards and has metal detectors or physical barriers in order to screen entrants.You can use your firearm in a justifiable self-defense situation without any extra legal complications. However, the owner of the business may still ask you to leave if he/she becomes aware that you have a firearm in your possession while you are on the premises (or for almost any other reason). As a practical matter, if you have a permit and you have the weapon concealed, you should not have a problem. You CANNOT carry a gun into a courthouse, police station, jail or detention facility, mental hospital, building where a DA's office is located, or building in which a city council or county commission is in session, even if you have a pistol permit. You also cannot carry a pistol onto school property "with the intent to do bodily harm" not including self-defense. (NOTE: On and near school property, you are still subject to the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act. I am only addressing Alabama state law in my answer.)

Disclaimer: This answer is for general informational purposes only and is not a complete summary of all relevant laws. It should not be construed as legal advice by the reader, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship between the attorney answering the question and the reader, including but not limited to the person(s) who asked the question. If you have legal questions, you should always consult a qualified attorney in person.
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Maybe we should consider a ban on Ford vans. The one in Toronto was more deadly than the AR15 in TN.
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I never eat organic foods. I'm boycotting fertilizer. They make bombs from that $h1+.
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